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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Coffee Cup Stress Ball *interesting*

Posted by nchazan on 250 Points
Would like to include "realistic" coffee cup stress balls in our marketing efforts. We're a office furniture/commercial interior firm specializing in large corporate offices. I thought the idea of "more productivity than a cup of coffee" would be great, and also these cups are a great gag (they look real, including coffee). Much better incentive for someone to keep/interact with. Our slogan and overall marketing strategy revolves around the concept of "furnishing productivity". Basically - Offices that perform as well as they look.

So anyways. The imprint area on this is only 1"x1". One side of the cup will have our logo, but I'm forced to create a relevant and SHORT tagline to go on the other side, and fit into a 1"x1" box.

So far I have "More productive than a cup of coffee". Any other suggestions?

  • Posted on Member
    OK, what is a "coffee cup stress ball"? Answer that one and you'll be sure to get a whole bunch more responses than if you leave us in the dark.

  • Posted by nchazan on Author
    ooooo. Yes, quite., Sorry!

    It is a stress ball.....that is shaped to look like a coffee cup! Its great...Here :
  • Posted on Member
    This seems a little backwards. You shouldn't force your tagline to fit into a one by one inch space. The promo item should speak for itself or extend your message. Just put your web site on the other side and make sure you put your tagline on your web site.
  • Posted on Member
    While you might cram a logo into a 1x1 area, I would not try to do the same with a tagline. You'll have to give folks a magnifying glass to read it.

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    With all respect, I don't see it. I have read and re-read this post, and don't get the concept, tagline...anything. I can't see the tagline connecting with selling upend office furniture.
    I can see that it is a curiosity item on a desk...but, the idea of that specific tagline just does not work. We could just throw out taglines and hope you like one, but to what purpose? I don't see the "interaction" concept.

    Two questions:
    1. Would you please explain your thought process in creating this give-away, and connection.
    2. Would you like for us to come up with an idea for a giveaway or promotional item?

    I'm may just be my synapse issue.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Wake Up & Smell (Use) Our Services
    Office Furniture. No Stress.
  • Posted by nchazan on Author
    Thanks for all the replies. This should not be a brain-buster. We like having giveaways to distribute at trade shows, events, and when visiting clients. Like everyone else we have totes, pens, folders, pads, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    I thought - why not give something that is actually thought-provoking? We have these cube shaped stress balls which have our logo, but how do they even relate to our brand ?? More importantly, why would anyone even keep something like that on their desk ???

    In the office furniture industry, a lot of competitors are selling furniture. they're not selling the benefits of the furniture. Like.....(for us) a big theme is productivity. Did you know that a major university study has been done on one high-end office chair that we sell, and it was determined to increase worker productivity by an average 17.8%??!! For a large corporation, its things like this that add up to a worthwhile investment. The coffee cup concept is ment to be a little bit of a parody, making fun of coffee which is obviously the #1 productivity "tool" in offices today.

    I hope that explains my idea. Yeah I know 1" is a tiny space, but I've printed out samples and having 6-8 bold words is not too difficult to read. Obviously its a hand-held item and I don't expect them to read it from afar, but its better than nothing and in my opinion well worth the investment.

    Thanks again for all your input guys, I will keep tuning in for more

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