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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Help Me Name My House Cleaning Business!!

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points

I am needing a unique, catchy name for my house cleaning business and a slogan. please help.

I am sole owner. i use green products as much as possible. i like to be very detail with my cleaning.

i am very i would like to use the name picky but i need some help.. please let me know what do you think? I got couple of names but i can't think of more names for it .
can you tell me what business name would you call for cleaning and why? NO PICKY MAID please.

any suggestions or ideas?

Please take a look at this:

Just A Picky Lady!
A Picky Cleaning Lady
The Picky Cleaning Lady
Nit-Picky Cleaning

any help from you will be appreciatted
thank you

  • Posted on Accepted
    What about "Tidy House Cleaning Service"? I'd stay away from using "Lady" which leads people to think your business is a one-person company. Yes, that's both good and bad, I'll admit, but you're boxing youself in, leaving business no room to take on other cleaners, which - if business gets good - is a distinct possibility.

    As for "Picky" it sounds to harsh, more of a turn-off. People are likely to feel they have to clean up their home before you come to cleam up their home.

    I know, you're trying to make a point, but give some thought - for a totally appropriate and acceptable name - to "Tidy House Cleaning Service."

    Hope that helps.

    For Results You Can Take To The Bank!
  • Posted by mocando on Accepted
    Use this for a name that will stand out:
    White Glove. Green Touch.

    And the additional tagline will solidly place yur business where you want to be:
    Impeccably Picky Cleaning for Your Home!

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
    Michael O'Connell
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    (Aside: You may wish to use any of the following words instead of picky to convey a different tone: finicky, fanatic, obsess, passion, etc.)

    Green Cleaning Lady: I Clean. You Relax.
    Clean As Can Be: Spotlessly Natural Home Cleaning.
  • Posted by simon.gloster on Member
    I like one word name, in this complex information age one word works better, and pple will appreciate yr green message.

    LadyGreen - the persnickety cleaner

    other tag lines

    meticulous green cleaner

    persnickety and green
  • Posted by rakesh_sethia80 on Member
    You can try out these:
    "Picky Cleaning"
    "Perfectly Clean Is What We Mean"
    "Go Green,Go Clean"
    "Green Cleaners"
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you for all your ideas. I really appreciated your time and all of you are good but I needed to choose someone.

    thank you

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