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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Interior Design Business , Name Required

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hi, I'm stuck and need a catchy name or phrase for my interior design business. the only thing near to being acceptable that i can think of is ' dream to design'. I need some inspiration and ideas!! muchly apprecciated.

  • Posted by businessmachine on Member
    If "interior design" means arranging the inside of homes, please find some suggestions below. If it means something else, please clarify so I can get back to you with some more :-)

    - Your home - your soul
    - looks like you
    - welcome home!
    - feels like home
    - neat & confy design
  • Posted by rakesh_sethia80 on Member
    You May Try These:
    "Dream Home Designers"
    "Your Own World"
    "Solace" (Interior)Designers
    "The Inner World"

    Or you may use these phrases also:
    "Your Better Living Experience"
    "Comfort Redefined"
    "Let Your House (Building) Breathe"
    "Adding Life To Your Building"

    Hope These Helps

  • Posted on Member
    "Acceptable" to whom? What you think or like has little to do with picking a successful name. Naming must be about how your potential customers respond to whatever you call your business. "Dream to design" may meaning something to you, but from where I sit - minus your obvious emotional attachment to that name - it tells me nothing about what you can do for me, how you can solve a problem I might have. Get the idea?

    As an example of the type of name I described, "Creative Interior Design" tells your potential customers how you can help them. It's a name that focuses on their wants and needs. "Dream to design" does neither of those things.

    Hope that helps.

    For Results You Can Take To The Bank!
  • Posted on Member
    I would definitely recommend that you provide us with more information about what you are planning to do.

    who is your target audience?
    what makes you/your business unique?
    what is your location? are you planning on focusing on a geographic area? which?
    what makes your biz memorable?

    the more details you can provide the better. why?

    well these days you need to think about "search" when you are thinking of business names. If you use a conglomeration of common words - I think it makes it harder for people to find you via search and about half of all web activity begins with search. You're better off coming up with a name that's compelling yet unique. Maybe this entails creating a name...creating something unique. But to start - you should probably provide more info.
  • Posted on Author
    thanks for your feedback. my business is based in hongkong. the key target market is middle income earners who want affordable and creative style yet not compromising on quality.i am also thinking of designing cushions and selling them online via my own website. the designs will have an asian influence. my stlyle is cool fusion using creative bold colours. i want my business to stand out from others and be remembered for being original and creative . my business is not really unique because there are other designers however i have really cool taste and a flair for putting colours and furntiure together.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Why don't you keep the name simple? You mentioned a great name in your last post:

    Tasteful interior design
  • Posted on Member

    Seen your post and feel bad that we have the name "FusionDesigns" already...I like what you wrote though and wouldnt mind chatting a bit.

    email us-

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