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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name For A Chocolate Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I need the right NAME for my CHOCOLATE BUSINESS.
(1).I PERSONALLY MAKE and SELL home-made and hand-made chocolates. (2).I teach chocolate making too. (3).I stock and sell the raw materials to my students too. No one else here is doing all the three things together.
My focus is on a name for the chocolates.
My CORE COMPETENCIES: sincerity,quality,creativity.
My chocolates are made a day before delivery(to ensure FRESHNESS).
I CUSTOMIZE/PERSONALIZE the gift according to the receiver's age, preference...
I'm looking for a name which is spiritual as I plan to put in spiritual/inspirational messages to encourage and inspire make them feel good.I haven't figured whether to put them as slips/print on packaging or wraps. I'm looking forward to your suggestions here too.I plan to have diff. types of chocs.:luxury,for kids, plain, assorted,etc. My name is Alka Gahlaut. I live in India.
Please help me with a creative and maybe spiritual/enlightening NAME, TAGLINE and LOGO.
I thought of" the Chocolate tree" (with a tree of brown, cream and d. brown leaves.Though printing in 3 colours maybe expensive); The Chocolatier's Box,The Chocolate Box,Chocolate/Cocoa secrets,Chocful of goodness, Chocolate Angels, Chocolate healers.Gosh I'm going crazy here. May I have a name starting with the beginning alphabets so that my business name lists/comes somewhere on top of the list of chocolate companies.("The Chocolate Tree"comes somewhere down below)
Can I have a name which includes the classes too or encompasses everything in it? a name that's web friendly? a name that begs for more,something that stands apart and is witty and striking,or maybe connect to my clients on a deeper emotional level,maybe a sense of affiliation,(sigh)
I'm all ready to register myself and go steam ahead but the perfectionist in me is holding me back for the right name that speaks it all.
Thankyou for reading the above.I'm sorry if there were too many I's in my synopsis.;)
Putting aside modesty, people love my chocolates and take them as gifts abroad too.
Thankyou for putting your thinking cap and coming up with that brilliant name I've been waiting for.

  • Posted on Accepted
    "Chocolate Tree" would make an excellent name for you candy making business, which I would keep separate from your classes and ingredient sales. Those latter two projects would work best under a separate, single name that includes both operations.

    As for 3-color printing being expensive, not these days when digital printing has for all purposes replaced traditional "full color" printing for small press runs, a diescription I'm sure would cover your needs.

    As for the numerous Is, not to worry. If you don't believe in your product why would anyone else.

    Good luck. After all, where would the world be without chocolate...good chocolate, that is.

    For Resulst You Can Take To The Bank!
  • Posted on Author
    Thankyou Phil and Anna for your prompt responses. This is an amazing site! Thankyou, amazing site.
    Phil, thank you for your idea on digital printing with more colors not being expensive. That'll help me in making my card as attractive as possible.(I was stuck to old age printing)
    Anna, Thankyou so very much for each of the names you have thought from your heart. You seemed to have put yrself in my shoes and thought it out. An amazing array of interesting themes! And thankyou especially for keeping in mind the directory listing. You are so thorough to keep everything in mind while coining the name and logo.:)
    The only thing left is I'm spoiled for choice. I don't know which one to choose . Can anyone help ???!!!!
    Okay will it help if I say how can I make it not too spiritual as it may ward off teenagers and youngsters till age 30. Am I thinking from only my point of view i.e. a 46 yr old mom of 2 grown up kids? I'm looking to target a large section (everyone actually...children (kid's choco lollipops etc; luxury line for the rich with edible gold in it; just dark for the health conscious; the rich and the not so rich,men and women, the old and the young. )
    The chocolate tree with the branches /leaves with the diff. functions on'em is creative. Bliss chocolates for your soul is great (there is already a soul chocolates here and bliss chocolate here). the chocolate angel logo is spiritual and soothing.. then should the name be chocolate angels? I'm going berserk here.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Some other ideas:
    * Dream Of Chocolate
    * A Chocolate Dream
    * Chocolate HQ
    * Chocolate Connection
    * A Taste of Chocolate
  • Posted on Author
    Thankyou,Jay, Chocolate Connection sounds very good for my class and bonding. A chocolate club... where I already have a circle of chocolate frnds who were previously my students.

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