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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Name For A Natural Soap Line

Posted by heidibisbee on 250 Points
I have a client that has a home based soap business. She makes natural scented bar soaps, hand washes and shower gels. We are looking for a name and tag line for her business that is catchy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Heidi Bisbee
Bizzybee Marketing, LLC

  • Posted on Accepted
    This isn't a straight forward answer, I could say a good name could be, "Natural Body Bar", or "Aromabar"... but do these names position your product to appeal to your target market and do so relative to other competing naturally scented bars? And is this name already registered / in use? To answer these questions, and develop a name try out this simple procedure...

    1. Identify your target audience, what are their likes, dislikes? Why do they buy naturally scented soaps? What are their buying motivations? EG buying motive = feel good healthy alternative.

    2. Based on the buying motive try to think up words that encapsulate the coined buying motive. EG Feel good healthy alternative = {healthy, clean, organic, natural, etc}

    3. Based on the set of words you create, use an online thesaurus and find alternative words that can substitute. And build a master list of names.

    4. Optional. Try adding a prefix and/or suffix to the name. EG prefixs: pro-, ultra-, be-... suffixs -bar, -er, -ist

    5. You should have a large list now, we need to short list and then pass short list to client, we do this by...

    6. Remove names that don't fully reflect your target audience, or sound a bit strange.

    7. Checkout where you'll be distributing the product, find competitive products through those distribution channels, make a list of those brand names. Make a decision to be a "me-to" name or select a more unique name.

    8. Go to your countries online trademark database and remove names that can infringe trademark. CAUTION: this is recommended, it is advised that a trademark/IP lawyer does this step, or you advise the client that they perform this step.

    9. Finally, find people you know who fit the target audience and test names against them - again short list.

    10. And that's it - you should have a short list to put in front of your client.

    Good luck!
  • Posted on Accepted
    For a name, "Nature's Beauty" or "Natural Beauty" depending on ingredients other than the scents.

    And for a tagline, "Hand made soaps & gels."

    Hope that helps, Heidi.

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  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    THEIRNAME Natural Soaps

    The following domains are available as well:
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Who is the target audience for the product? Where do they live? What's important to them? How do they learn about products like this? What are they using now? What are their most important unmet needs?

    Naming the product will depend on the distribution channel your client wants to use, who is in the primary target audience, what country they live in, etc. Lots of factors will impact what the name should be.

    Need more help? Try Taglines-R-Us (for positioning, naming and taglines).
  • Posted by heidibisbee on Author
    Yes, good questions. Her target audience is women between the ages of 30-50. The women that buy her products, generally buy them because they like the scents, they are very moisturizing (as they use glycerin), and are extremely cost efficient. She would attract women who buy the Bath & Body, but do not want to spend the $$$. Her last name is Price coincidentally, so something with her name in it would be an advantage, as long as it is not too cheesy. We are looking at recreating her entire image, so a domain name that is available would be great too.

    Hope this helps.

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