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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Bbq Resturant Name And Logo Search

Posted by Anonymous on 2750 Points
I am looking for catchy name for a bbq restaurant/catering business. Located in S. GA we want to start out doing fundraisers and catering while getting the word out. Recently pinned metro status by census. We are focusing on quality bbq not price. Our goal may be to franchise this venture at some point in the future. We want folks to see our cleanliness, taste our quality, and say "dang that's the best bbq i ever ate!" Our deserts will also be a staple.

Thank you

  • Posted on Accepted
    You can only francise a business that has a track record of sucess, so let's see what we can do to point you in the right direction...

    For a name, let me borrow some elements from your question and offer the following...

    Dang Good BBQ
    Dang Good Q (since many people tend to shorten words)
    Best Dang Q
    Best Dang BBQ

    There could be some "gems" there, so give 'em some thought.

    Catering's good, but catering off-site is gonna add to what I suspect are higher than average prices you likely charge for better than average quality. Catering events in-house will keep prices down.

    Hosting fund raisers could be a winner since most of us who attend them consider the entire cost of these events a donation, higher priced or not.

    Hope some of that helps.

  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Dear btm8167,

    I'm a Brit. I've only ever been to Georgia once, to Atlanta,
    and I'll be honest and say I know little about life in the south.

    But I know about food and often on this forum the questioner unwittingly gives an answer to their own question IN their question, so here's my humble two cents' worth.

    Name: Georgia Peach BBQ
    Tag line: "The Best Dang BBQ You'll Ever Eat. Period!"

    Name: Gator Pit BBQ
    Tag line: "The Best Dang BBQ You'll Ever Eat. Period!"

    Name: The Shigs Pit BBQ
    Tag line: "The Best Dang BBQ You'll Ever Eat. Period!"

    This last one's a play on reversed words: as happy as pigs in you know what. But this might be a little too close to the rib for church going folks and I've NO intention of suggesting you offend people.

    To my ear, there's probably little more southern than Georgia peaches (and gators), but you can blame my British Yankee butt for this.

    But personally, if you can make a kick ass peach cobbler with deep—DEEP, melt in the mouth cobbler and sweet, SWEET fruit that tastes like an angel dancing on the taste buds, you'll have me as customer for life!

    I'm serious.

    You could create your own exclusive peach marinades and weave their creation into your story "A recipe so secret etc., etc.," Or you could offer BBQd whole pigs for parties, and on and on (which you probably do already).

    Anyway, I hope my humble offering at least sets your mind working and gives food for thought.

    Good luck to you ... and let me know how that cobbler works out.

    Gary Bloomer
    Wilmington, DE, USA
    Follow me on @GaryBloomer
  • Posted by Peter (henna gaijin) on Accepted
    Taking Phil's idea with shortened names one step further, maybe shorten "Best dang BBQ" to "BDB" or "BD BBQ"
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Georgia Q (if you're only planning to grow in George)
    Mason Dixon BBQ
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    You Gotta Have It NOW!

    Great for Delivery Vehicle Tag too!

    Good Luck.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    maybe ...

    Dang Me BBQ
    Tasty Southern Barbecue

    Dang Me BBQ
    The South's Best Barbeque

  • Posted on Accepted
    Firehouse BBQ
    Firewagon BBQ
    Piney Woods BBQ
    Southern Hospitality BBQ
    Hot Dang BBQ
    Palmetto BBQ
    Red Drum BBQ
    Subtropical BBQ
    Hurricane BBQ
    Georgia Southern BBQ
    Okefenokee BBQ
  • Posted by Levon on Accepted
    BBQ Hell - a logo with flames. That should get some attention in the Bible Belt.
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    One more I couldn't resist...if it doesn't exist has Great Logo Potential also...

    BBQ On MY Mind
  • Posted by BARQ on Accepted
    Hickory Heaven BBQ
    Spit 'n Chips BBQ
    Jaw Gin BBQ
    Pour Sine BBQ
    Pure Loin BBQ
    Peak an' Country BBQ

  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member
    Bart; your last name made think of another Southerner and his famous autobiographical movie.. Audie Murphy...
    Hell and Back.

    Hell'NBack - BBQ
    Decent Folk Tempted Daily.

    The south also has KFC, the English have HP Sauce (Houses Of Parliment) so your could eventually become .............. HnB-BBQ
    simply letters also...

    The hell part is obvious, back ribs?, back for more? Back from the daily wars.....
  • Posted by BARQ on Member
    Derivative of Jaw Gin BBQ that came to me last night:

    Jawjun Pride BBQ

    ...a takeoff of Cajun (which was, I believe, derived from Acadian). Adding "Pride" characterizes your commitment to taking pride in all that involves producing the "best dang BBQ in Jawja."

  • Posted on Accepted
    Experience the Best
    Real BBQ Taste

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