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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Help! Need Tagline For My Business Development Co.

Posted by busdevwannab on 250 Points
Company name is Bb Strategies. My thought is I would like two significant words in the tagline to start with "B" The only tagline I could come up with:" Your business only better", but it's SO bland! The bulk of my business will be taking business concepts/propositions and implementing them into a growing concern through execution, start to finish. In addition, I will assist businesses looking to increase profits, reduce expenses, run with a new business model, etc., through operations evaluation, new marketing/sales channels, infusion of cash, etc. What I want to say is "bring Bb Strategies in and we will MAKE your business". We will do this for a portion of the business, as well as/in lieu of consultative fees. The proposition here is they KNOW we'll work hard for them, because we're now business partner's with them, we'll own a piece of the business. Thanks in advance, and excuse my complete last of marketing skills...

  • Posted by thecynicalmarketer on Member
    I like the way you bind your interests to those of your clients. You only win if they do.

    Why not go with something elegant in its simplicity such as: Business Breakthroughs
  • Posted on Member
    Like David, I have to question your obvious fascination with the letter "B." Naming a business effectively and developing a tagline that amplifies the name has nothing to do with your likes or dislikes. It's all about what turns on - or not - your potential customers or clients.

    That you chose what at best might be called an awkward name with equally awkward (rather than noteworthy) spelling is history.

    In your case you're extremely lucky that thecynicalmarketer saved the day for you with his tagline suggestion, "Business Breakthroughs," but since you're apparently just starting out, may I respectfully suggest that you give some serious thought to selecting a different name for your business.

  • Posted by busdevwannab on Author
    Thank you all for considering this question. I will admit that I am now going to give consideration to the name Bb Strategies itself, though I am already filed with my EIN. Regardless, I really like "Business Breakthroughs", but in line with your advice, think perhaps I should think (or ask this community to think) outside "my" box and seek tag lines outside of just using my letter of choice. In that vein, any other suggestions? And again, thank you all for giving this your consideration!
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Since your business name doesn't tell your prospective client what you do (something about strategies), it's up to your tagline to clarify. So:

    * who are you targeting?
    * where are they located?
    * why would they think to contact you?
    * why would they entrust their business with you?
    * how are you different than your competition (who is your competition)?
    * what special skills do you have that your prospects should know about.
  • Posted on Member
    Another thought...

    Business Breakthroughs could become the name of the company, using one of the following as your tagline...

    With you every step of the way.

    or, perhaps better yet...

    Helping you every step of the way.


    Proving the help your business needs.


    Providing the expertise your business needs.

    Ya gotta pardon me when I get carried away like that, but once the juices start to flow, I've learned to go with that flow. Hope some of that helps.

    Phil (one more time)
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    I'm here to caution you about the basic premise of becoming a partner/investing your time and energy in someone else's business.

    It's a neat idea that has occurred to almost every consultant ... especially when a prospective client tries to get you to invest your energy in his/her business without paying for it up-front.

    The problem is that business success depends on both the strategy and the execution. If the client doesn't follow your strategy recommendations to the letter, or if they somehow fall short on execution, don't invest as much as you've recommended, etc., YOU end up paying the price. You've delivered what you promised, but you're effectively being "cheated" out of the return you deserve.

    I always worry about clients who are too eager to give up equity (or profit-sharing) to a consultant. It could signal that they really don't believe in their own product/service. Or it could signal that they are not prepared to invest in growing their business -- which is often more costly than what your fee would be.

    And if YOU become the majority owner of their business, you then have to ask yourself these questions: Why is this person giving me their business? Is it worth my time and effort? Would I have paid as much for this business as my own investment will be worth? Do I want to be a consultant or an entrepreneur/business owner?

    Want more on this topic? Pick up a copy of Rasputin For Hire. The subtitle is An inside look at management consulting between jobs or as a second career.

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  • Posted by busdevwannab on Author
    How do you feel about this:

    Bb Strategies: Business Breakthroughs

    Providing the expertise your business needs

    Other potential taglines that were suggested that I like:

    Solutions to your ??
    A suspended state of profitability
    Balanced for Business
    Fundraising, Capital & Business Development
    Start here. Get anywhere
    Expertise for changing times

  • Posted on Member
    Let me share my thought with you one at this point...

    Bb Strategies: Business Breakthroughs. I would not use those 2 names together, and that's what you have, two very distinct names, the first of which makes little sense as a business name.

    Providing the expertise your business needs. Not bad for a tagline, but consider shortening it to "For the expertise your business needs."

    The other suggested taglines - the ones you like - frankly I don't see anything worth salvaging. Besides, taglines, like business names, should not be about what the business owner likes, they should be created with how well they turn on the potential customers or clients in mind. None of the half-dozen you like posses that ability. Sorry 'bout that, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em.

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    Sheralyn assuming that you have the BB because it is part of who you are then the extention Phil suggests is a good one - Business Breakthroughs works well.

    In coming up with the tagline, I'm working off your brief for a B and a B so 'Taking Businesses Beyond Breakeven'

    Swinging over to the partnership model. Hot coals, flowing lava, deep ice crevasses and hurricanes await you! Arguably the biggest challenge is who would accept giving up a portion of their business?

    Arguably those who are happy with how things are going would not have ANY inclination to cede control or ownership to an outsider making your offer unattractive. Those who DO want to take you up on your offer are likely to have significant cashflow issues which may leave YOU holding their dark and empty bag.

    Tread warily.

    Consider a 'share of the project outcomes' instead of share of the business. Work on a 12 month share on incremental savings/business cashflow improvements and then all things remain clear and far simpler to handle

    Best of luck
    Marcus :-)
  • Posted on Member
    Better Business Ideas

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