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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Needing A Funky, Energetic Name For Life Coaching

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hi there,

My business name is Verity Dunamis - a Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking Business focussing mainly on all types of business however there has been cross pollination of clients.

My dillema is that the name Life Coach doesn't sell. The market is saturated with Life Coaches with some leaving a bad taste with clients. Virtually no response from clients when using the term - I am a Life Coach.

My train of thought is have Life Coaching as one of my many tools in my toolbox to empower people and to find an alternative, funky, energetic umbrella name so that the clients can feel non threatened. I will be able to at least have one foot in the door to sell my products.

My business tagline is: "Power in the Truth that sets You Free".

Suggestions given are:

Life Transforming Specialist (na)

Life Enrichment Specialist (to formal) and Goal Setting Specialist (good but includes only part of the Coaching Process)

If possible I would like to keep the word "Specialist" at the end as it is more defining to my target audience.

In the same process, Motivational Speaker is also weak to sell. I need a name where I can not only talk about how to empower people but I have the tools to show how.

eg: Life Enrichment Specialst
Life Enrichment Speaker

Please someone help me find this name as I have hit a blank wall and need to be rescued...

Any suggestions will also be welcomed as I don't know if I am on the right path.

Thanks a ton


  • Posted on Member
    "Life Enrichment Specialist" is probably the best of what you've come up with so far, but give some thought to "Life Enrichment Professional" which sounds much stronger.

    As for using "Speaker" in anything, I wouldn't if I were you. "Speakers" are a dime a dozen. Besides, that's only one of the arrows in your quiver. Why limit yourself?

    Hope some of this helps, David.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Business people aren't looking for life coaches - they're looking for executive coaches. While the work a life coach does is virtually identical to an "executive coach", the language used is different, and the focus is more on business than life-balance.

    People think of motivational speakers for keynote or annual company meetings. You'd market yourself as a motivational speaker to the HR department. You'd market yourself as an executive coach to the C-level.

    But before you do either, make sure you have in your portfolio some case studies of businesses you've helped and the ROI of your work. That'll show you're not just a "life coach" masquerading in "executive coach" clothing.

    As for names, consider simply building on your name: Verity Dunamis, Executive Coach (or Professional Executive Coach)
  • Posted by thecynicalmarketer on Accepted
    Like all things in marketing and messaging, I would suggest you focus on the unique value-add that you deliver. In other words, what is in it for the reader. Will you make them rich, successful, or help them get things faster.

    Many of your suggestions are a bit broad and could apply to many services. For example, "Life Enrichment" could apply to nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and countless other fields. Along the same lines, most people have little trouble setting goals, it is the achievement of those goals that eludes many of us.


    ** Achieve Breakthroughs

    ** Achieve Your Goals

    ** Reach Your Goals

    Hope this helps, JohnnyB
  • Posted on Member
    David, perhaps you can answer a question for all of us: Is your audience, the focus of your marketing efforts, the general public or corporations?

    Your answer will enable us to better respond to your question.

  • Posted on Author
    Thank you for the great responses - my mind is already in overdrive...

    Let me try and clarify as your comments have made me think about my intent of my business.

    As member of the Chamber of Business I was trying to market Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking to the Business community. However, from the comments above I need to market Executive Coaching to businesses. What about Motivational Speaking?

    So who do I market Life Coaching to? My coaching clients so far are in business but there goals have been of a personal nature.

    Secondly, I have written a training manual on Values, Goal setting, Goal Strategies and Actions plans ( brief overview) which is written for those struggling to breakthrough with goals. The audience that can benefit could be either corporate and general public - how do I decide what audience to use? I thought of marketing to the business people only.

    As stated above, my terms maybe to broad - Life Enrichment, so the question is what is the alternative.

    Finally, what do I want? In my toolbox, amongst others, I am qualified as a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Marriage Councellor. Therefore, I would like to empower people to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

    Therefore the need for an umbrella name.

    My apologies if these answers seem long winded but I realise now how deep is my dillema.

    Thanks once gain for your comments - it is really helping.



  • Posted on Member
    Some thoughts in response to your additional info, David...

    "Life Coaching" has for a very long time been something marketed to the "consumer" sector where "I-Me-and-Mine" reign supreme.

    "Executive Coaching" which seems more in vogue than "business Coaching," tends to be more corporate oriented, though some execs like a touch of "Life Coaching" thrown in. Most, however, are reluctant to go in that direction because they fancy themselves strong males with no such needs...or weaknesses, as they see it.

    As for "Motivational Speaker," only occupants of the top shelf in that category make any significant money, typically from speaking at or to sales oriented companies.

    My suggestion would be to position yourself as a specialist to each of your various audiences. Specialists are more in demand than generalists. They also tend to get paid much better.

    Hope that helps.

  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    Hoping a proper response will come to me as I write...

    For many years, a "Life Coach" was someone who was in between jobs, with a business card with perforated edges.

    If all you want is a title, the above will work.

    These are my thoughts...What is the criteria for a "LIFE" coach? Must they be successful in "LIFE" or unsuccessful in "LIFE".or, a bit of both?

    How bad does life have to be to even seek out a life coach...or, should one call a psychiatrist, or take an anti-depressant?

    I think you are right to seek a different title, but in the marketplace, will the title mean anything to your target market?

    I'm curious as to your "elevator speech"...what is it you say when someone asks you..."What do you do"?

    I probably have 25-30 more questions, but would certainly like responses to what I have asked, thus far.

  • Posted on Member
    Seems there's a similarity between a "Life Coach" and a "Consultant," Randall, although a "Consultant" could simply be someone who's morre than 50 miles from home.

  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Prime Director
    Yes, based on Star Trek's supreme guideline that 'interference' is prohibited.Respect for the client is paramount. Generation appropriate for most of us I believe. Directing us with respect without implying we are all broken. Hopefully different enough (funky-I don't know) to help you escape being invisible in your field.

    Tagline I like that completes the motivation to do something if you are not where you want to be in life.

    Life is change, growth is optional. Choose wisely.

  • Posted on Author
    I would like not only to thank each and everyone for your comments / suggestions but also allowing me to be part of a journey that allowed me to grow immensely in marketing.

    I had to do a total rethink of my strategy and make some changes.

    Prime Director
    What I learned was that respect for the client is paramount and don't imply we are all broken. I have adopted your tagline: Life is change, growth is optional. Choose wisely' and this has already started to find favour with business.

    Jay Hamilton-Roth
    As I am not yet qualified as an Executive Coach (although I have helped clients in this regard) and don't have testimonials / case studies I will not venture down the road of Executive Coach for now. Goal 2010 complete the training.

    Posted by: thecynicalmarketer
    Thanks for the advice on value-add - that was an eye opener and a learning curve.

    From all I have learnt something - much appreciated.

    Finally I decided that the following could work in my business:

    Verity Dunamis - Personal Growth Specialist

    Life is change..Growth is optional....Choose wisely

    Target audience: Business employees

    Services offered:

    Life Coaching
    Marriage Counselling
    Strength Finder Coaching
    Team Build Facilitator
    Personal Growth Speaker

    My idea, at a later stage is to change to a Business and Personal Growth Specialist.

    Feedback will be welcomed.

    Have a super day

    Kind regards


  • Posted by newdawncorp1 on Member
    My question is two fold. I am having a women's event and need a name for it. I came up with " So What They say I Can't - God says I Can. Womens Empowerment Event. Is this good? I'm new at this. Also, I am completing my business cards and don't know what to call myself.
    Usual titles: success coach/ consultant, life coach. I need somthing different. I am a network markerter who has achieved a great deal of succes and I am looking to brand myself and step out. Please Help :-)

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