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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name And Tagline Of A Laundry Shop

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hi everyone,

need your help in coming up with a business name for a laundry shop.

i hope u can help me find a good name.

thank you.

  • Posted on Author
    we' will pick up their laundry and deliver it to them after. it's unlike in the US that people will go to the launcdy shop and do it their own.

    it's like we are offering a laundry service for them. it will be located in a metro place in the philippines. we want to cater hotels, houses, and individuals who dont' have time doing their own laundry.

    pick up is free and then will deliver immediately after.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Laundry Delivered
    Laundry To You
    Door-To-Door Laundry
  • Posted on Accepted
    Clothesline Laundry
    The Laundry Room
    Clothespeg Laundry
  • Posted by darcy.moen on Accepted
    I would go off in another direction rather than stick with all this 'washing' and 'laundromat' stuff. A while ago I saw the most unusual name for a laundromat, and its stuck with me ever since. The place was called 'the lost sock'.

    I would brain storm a bunch of creative names that better describe your business, something that simply sticks in your head and makes you go 'what the HECK was that?!!' and causes you to swivel around for another look. Names like that are few and far between, but you'll know them the minute they hit paper. So, sit back with a bottle of wine and let your mind go for a wander. Keep a pencil and paper handy. Write down EVERYTHING that comes into your head. Then, filter filter filter and cross out and argue unti you have one of two hot names left. Then pick.

    Good luck.

    Customer Loyalty Network
  • Posted on Accepted
    That was a nice suggestion Darcy.

    All that "laundry" names are too familiar and boring. Thinking of a creative name would be a lot of fun. It must be something that will make people think, and in the end, the name would still somewhat be related to the product or services you are offering.

    "The Lost Sock" is nice and fun. It is still related to the laundry service because most often than not, socks are misplaced or lost in the laundry. The name would be an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is, potential customers would be amused by the name. They would want to enter your shop to inquire about your products and services. The disadvantage is, knowing that it is a laundry shop, the name would suggest something negative. They wouldn't want their clothes to get lost. The name could be suggesting that a sock might get lost in the process or worst, an expensive shirt or blouse. It depends on how people view it.
  • Posted on Member
    I would like to suggest:

    "The Clothes Line"

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