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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Slogan/tagline For Web Portals Product Line

Posted by k.sapen on 125 Points
Could you suggest a tagline for a product line of "niche web portals" for specific interests? They mostly cover technology and different verticals around specific area of information technology.

  • Posted on Member
    "Opening your door to tech know-how" sounds like it should work extremely well for you.

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    What's the goal of your tagline? Who are you trying to attract: new visitors, advertisers, ??? What makes your offering better/different from the wealth of other offerings out there?
  • Posted by k.sapen on Author
    This is for one of slider images on front page of our corporate website. These images display various product lines of our company, so the tagline's purpose is just to give a general impression of what this product line is about in compact and effective way.
    Web Portals product line covers quite wide range of target audiences (one is job portal for specific area, the other is niche technology for 10 different verticals and so on), so it is quite hard to create an aggregated differentiation point for all offerings.
    Let me know, if this is still not sufficient for good suggestions.
  • Posted by k.sapen on Author
    Web portal for niche technology in different industry verticals like:

    — Automotive

    — Banking / Finance

    — Consumer

    — Education

    — Energy

    — Food and Beverage

    — Government

    — Healthcare

    — Hi-Tech

    — Insurance

    — Life Sciences

    — Manufacturing

    — Media

    — Oil & Gas

    Product line has several web portals, each covering separate area (sometimes diametrically opposite to each other), I'm looking for some generic tagline similar to what Phil already provided.
  • Posted by k.sapen on Author
    I appreciate your efforts, but I still didn't find what I was looking for.

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