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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catchy Name For A Cupcake Business

Posted by sjohnp on 250 Points
A good friend of mine is looking to develop her cupcake business and has asked if I can help her develop a new name for the business.

Her cupcakes are sold at local farmers markets in the UK and she is doing quite well (the cakes are delicious though) The cakes are primarily a range of pink pastels with lost of sprinkles and fruit toppings which I guess is what you would expect. More recently though she has developed a new range of cakes aimed at men just to test the market ( chocolate beer, bbq apple, big daddy nuts ) on the grounds men like the cakes but feel uneasy walking around the market with a big pink cupcake or eating them at home or in the office. The range of cakes aimed at the men has so far been a great success.

The owner is looking to build the business and is keen on changing the name as she feels 'Sarah's heavenly cakes' is not hitting the right mark (run of the mill, too feminine and not particularly memorable). Moreover, Sarah is looking sell her products online. The re-branding should based on simple proposition 'a range of cupcakes designed for men and women of all ages'.

I feel a new name (which also has to work online) should be a tad risky and unconventional so it stands out and appeals to men and women. Moreover, even if women continue to be the main purchaser but men like the cakes they will be quite happy to 'talk about it'.

All ideas most welcome, however wacky they are.

Many thanks


  • Posted on Accepted
    Well, to start at the beginning, "Heavenly Cakes" is NOT an appropriate name for someone in the business of making cupcakes. "Heavenly Cupcakes" would be a much more accurate name, one likely to draw a decidedly different retail clientel if she chose to sell them directly.

    Incidentally, I'm not sure what the law is in your part of the world, but cooking/baking things at home that are sold commercially is a NoNo in most parts of the U.S. You might want to check that out before attempting to grow the business.

    There's also - again here - a need to protect one's personal assets by incorporating such a business and by purchasing the right amounts of the right types of case someone becomes ill or dies as a result of what they might claim to be eating the purchased product.

    As for a "catchy name," the best, most effective business name(s) are those that at a glance tell potential customers what it is you make or sell so they can decide instantly if that's something they want or need. Frankly, I'd stay with Heavenly Cupcakes since it does that at the same time it appears to all genders.

  • Posted by Ryan Rutan on Accepted
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for writing a detailed brief!

    Naughty Nibbles - dessert for big kids!

    The Hanky Panky Pantry

    Bed Crumbs - Because you can eat wherever you want!

    Lick The Bowl (or Spoon)

    The Naughty Fork

    If you are interested in discussion on the strategic front, a more detailed offline conversation would be in order.

    Kind regards,

    Ryan Rutan
    [Skype address deleted by staff]
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted

    A hypothesis is that a brand name should reflect a positioning strategy that differentiates the new brand from the existing competitive landscape.

    Your statement of "'a range of cupcakes designed for men and women of all ages'. " is not a strong positioning statement. It's an "all cupcakes for all people" statement, and therefore unlikely to penetrate a segment the is already crowded.

    What one thing most describes how your cupcakes are different?

  • Posted by sjohnp on Author
    Firstly, can I say thank you to Ryan and Steve for your comments. I think in hindsight I do agree with Steve's comments and having talked this through with my friend she also feels we need a more single minded proposition. If she believes that there is more potential by going down the more 'manly' route then it certainly helps differentiate her from the competition. consequently, the brand proposition would be 'cupcakes for men' a bit like the 'Yorkie' chocolate bar launched in the UK many years ago. A man's chocolate bar but purchased by men and women.

    The only problem I now see with this approach is having researched this area overnight I have come across a sole trader in the US, 'Butch Bakery' who is already doing what Sarah has in mind in the UK. i.e. cupcakes just for men. Interested to know whether you think this could be a problem for Sarah? I guess the good thing is that someone else also believes there is an untapped market.
  • Posted by sjohnp on Author
    Thanks Karen and Phil for your comments. Karen you are right I have posted this question in strategy and felt a new name was falling into two categories (names and strategy) so apologises for the confusion. Moving on my friend is reconsidering her strategy is is keen to develop her manly cupcakes in the belief this will appeal to both sexes. One small problem and would be interested to hear your views is that she/we have just noticed that a sole trader in New York City has recently launched a cupcake business 'Butch Bakery' with the aim of producing 'cupcakes for men'. Given Sarah (my friend) is now looking to develop her product range along a similar path is this a problem for her? Interested to hear your views. Thanks again. steve
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Having someone else doing something similar isn't a problem - it's validation of the idea. It's only a problem if you're both competing head-to-head (next booth at farmers market, for example).

    Some suggestions:
    Beefcup Cakes
    Cheesecup Cakes
    1 Man : 1 Cupcake
    Adults Only Cupcakes
    (Mucho) Macho Cakes
    Macho Macha Cupcakes
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    Champions Cupcakes-- Playing on FA, Carling & Stanley, Americas, Thistle, World Darts CUP themes etc - well known in mens sports circles ..

    Naughty Bits & Bites

    Double D CupCakes
    (Delicious & Decadent)

  • Posted by sjohnp on Author
    Thanks to all for providing some very useful comments and being so helpful. I will certainly let you know how things progress with the project. Thanks again. steve

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