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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Catching Tagline For My Civil Engineering Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
i need a catchy tag line and for my civil engineering company called MGU Civil Engineering, have had few ideas from friends but they sound too cheesy or off the topic, can anyone help me, best one will get a gift sent to them.

kind regards

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Catchy name. I can understand why you might want a catchy tagline to go with it.

    A few questions first:

    1. Who is your target audience? Where? How do they decide on a civil engineer? What's the decision process like? How frequently do they require a civil engineer?

    2. What makes your company different from, and better than, other civil engineers in your area? Why would someone in your target audience pick YOU? What is your unique positioning benefit?

    3. Why do you want a tagline? What do you expect a tagline to do for you? What are you trying to communicate in the tagline? How will you know when the right tagline shows up? What criteria will you use to pick a winner?

    Help us by responding to these questions and we will do our best to help you come up with a tagline ... maybe not a "catchy" one, but one that will help you achieve your objective.

    P.S. I give up. What does MGU mean? How do you pronounce it, "m'goo?"
  • Posted on Author

    MGU is the first initials of our 3 partners. basically what out work involves is building schools, refurbishments of hospitals etc etc, the reason for the tagline is to make it stick out.

    we specialize in design and build service.

    our target audience is the government, restaurant owners for full refurbishments, schools, hospital, any building work.

    have had one good one "the blueprints to innovation"

    hope this helps,
  • Posted by Ryan Rutan on Accepted

    A few for consideration:

    Drawing on expertise, Drawing innovations.

    Drawing on expertise, to draw innovations.

    Drawing out Innovation.

    Innovation, drawn from expertise.

    Kind regards,


    Ryan Rutan
    Branding Brainiac
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    A tagline won't do you much good if all you want it to do is make you "stick out." Your target audience doesn't select a civil engineering firm based on whether its name (or tagline) sticks out or not. It's a much more considered assessment.

    If you are different from your competition in some meaningful way, then THAT is what should make you "stick out," and that's what we should be trying to communicate in your tagline.

    Otherwise all you're really saying is that you are civil engineers, and that's in your name already.
  • Posted by Ryan Rutan on Member
    Innovation, by design.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    As for "the blueprints to innovation" - your clients are directly looking for innovation, nor blueprints. They're looking for you to solve their space problems, by creating something that optimizes their resources (time, money, employees, quality of life, etc.).

    If you want to "stick out", then spell out what you specialize in:
    Specializing In Hospitals and Governmental Buildings (for example).
  • Posted on Author
    we specialise in design and build, the whole purpose of the tagline to say waht our company does

    here are few examples ive been given

    Build Your Future Here
    "The world's largest toolbox"
    "The blueprints to innovation"
    building the foundation for the future of construction

    can anyone think of any more.....?
  • Posted by Ryan Rutan on Member
    I think you've nailed it yourself then...

    MGU Civil Engineering - Specialist Design & Build Services



    Ryan Rutan
    Branding Brainiac

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