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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Home Health Care - Need Help With A Tag Line

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I am looking for a catchy tag line for my Home Health Company. We provide in-home care from newborn - seniors. We are locally owned and operated ~ unlike our other competitors in the area. Our name is Guardian Health Services. We provide physical therapy - Speech Therapy - Occupational Therapy - Social Work - Nursing - In-home aides. Our current tag line is "Someone to watch over you" but it really doesn't convey who we are. We would like for "Home Health" to be included somehow.

  • Posted by jillm on Accepted
    Hi, thought I would get things started with a few ideas:

    ~ Guardian Health Services: Home Health Specialists watching over you
    ~ Guardian Health Services: Home health specialists (simple, but gets the point accross)

    I've been toying with the idea of a play on "cradle to grave," (keying on your home care for newborn - seniors) but I can't seem to come up with something appropriate... here's a starting point:

    ~ Guardian Health Services: Your Home Health Specialists from Cradle to Aged

    Hope that this helps get the ball rolling for others too!

    - Jill
  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    hi Julie

    how about

    Guardian Health Services - "Your Home Health Guardian"
    Guardian Health Services - "Looking After the whole family"
    Guardian Health Services -"Family Health Care @ Home"

    hope these helps.

  • Posted by on Accepted
    I would avoid references to the "cradle to the grave" notion. Wrong connotations at the far end!!

    OK, how about ...

    Guardian Health Services:

    A lifetime of home health care
    A lifetime of health care in your home
    Lifelong health care in your home
    Bringing health care home
    Home health care for life

    Or, on the assumption that if you keep the tagline with the company name at all times, we don't necessarily need to say "health" twice. So....

    Guardian Health Services:

    A lifetime of home care
    Home care for life
    Lifelong care in your own home
    We care for you at home - for life
    Caring for you, at home, for life

    Or, if you were to add the word "home" to the company name (not a bad idea, thinking about it, unless you do other things that don't involve the home) ...

    Guardian Home Health Services:

    Caring for you where it really counts
    Lifelong care that really counts
    Your lifetime of care
    We care where it counts
    Because we care where it counts

    That may provide some food for thought!

    eBuzz me if you want some more...

  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    Therapeutic care comes home.
  • Posted on Member
    Need help coming up with a tagline/concept for a state-supported nursing facility that specializes in mental health conditions as well as medical issues. We want to be position ourselves as the authority for geriatric mental health.

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