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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tagline For Credit Card Processing Site

Posted by Corey Bryant on 250 Points
(After looking at the Guidelines for Askers and viewing Ex 1 which had a link to the site, I hope I am not violating any rules).

I started up a company last year and I am looking for a tagline / short slogan to use. Basically, I offer merchant accounts (allows merchants to accept credit cards). I also suggest electronic payment gateways and POS terminals. I work with a US provider, Canadian Provider, and two providers for high risk / off shore / other countries.

My last company had the word "loud" in the domain name and we came up with "Rising Above the Din". We provided hosting / domain names / web design / web development / toll free phone numbers for e-commerce merchants.

Right now, I am using:
"Part of Merchant Account Lab -
the Premiere Merchant Processing Solution Provider"

The second part just does not sound right. I was hoping that maybe a few people here might be able to give me a few ideas. I thought about just taking out Merchant.

I still resell for the toll free number company.

Some words to maybe consider:
Credit Card Processing

I was thinking maybe of taking advantage of the word "lab" in my domain name and working off that.

Thank you!

  • Posted on Member
    And what does "Lab" have to do with offering merchant credit card account services...among your several other businesses, obviously?

    Oh, and what do...

    "Part of Merchant Account Lab -
    the Merchant Processing Solution Provider"

    have to do with anything? Incidentally, isn't the correct spelling of "Premiere" actually "Premier"?

    The simple truth is that tagline suggestions are stronger and better if we know the actual name of the company to which they're to be applied.

    Oh, and might I also remind you that the most effective taglines are typically from 3 to 5 words in length....very short, very direct, very much on target. ""Part of Merchant Account Lab - the Premiere Merchant Processing Solution Provider" certainly doesn't fit that description.

  • Posted by Corey Bryant on Author
    I was not certain what I could post on here and did not want to violate the TOS.

    So the tag line is for Merchant Account Lab. And yes, you are right, I was using Lab in a way that a scientist mixes chemicals. I sold my company about 2 years ago due to health reasons and I am able to work a couple of hours a week now. But I am not able to support everything like I used to (web hosting, web development, etc).

    So let's just focus on Merchant Account Lab which (right now) is: The Premiere Merchant Processing Solution Provider.

    My main business though is merchant accounts. There are a lot of message boards available that have a category for marketing but this site is dedicated to marketing and professionals who treat others with dignity and respect. That's why I came to this forum - to get a little help with this, keeping in mind that my memory and cognitive functions are not what they used to be a couple of years ago.

    I also checked on Premiere (and used the spell checker that seems to be available on here). Premiere can be a noun, adjective, or verb. Premier can be an adjective or noun.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I'd skip the literal description and jump right to a benefit:

    "The Best Way to Get Paid Now!"

    or simply:

    "Get Paid Now!"

    Too bad you're stuck with "Lab" because it just kind of hangs there without some explanation, but I'm afraid if we try to explain it somehow, we'll get lost in the woods and confuse people even more.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Merchant Account Lab
    Providing Custom Credit Card Mixes

    Merchant Account Lab
    Worldwide Credit Card Processing Solutions
  • Posted on Member
    After watching the news a day or two ago, "merchant accounts" may be a thing of the past since there's a new app out there that allows anyone with a smartphone to make and/or accept credit card payments. Yes, make and/or accept.

    It seems the world is spinning at a pace much faster than any of us thought, Corey.
  • Posted by Corey Bryant on Author
    That is true - one can accept credit cards via a smart phone (or WAP enabled). Even the US provider I work with has a virtual terminal for WAP enabled phone.

    However, due to the card associations (Visa / MasterCard / etc), the individual / business will still need an underwriter.

    I was reading one of the apps the other day - the TOS is just the same as a merchant account contract. The merchant cannot allow his / her friend to accept payments (i.e. the merchant cannot share the account - this is factoring (aggregating) and that is a different story).
  • Posted by Corey Bryant on Author
    Thanks for the help / responses. I came up with an idea actually myself and working on the words now.

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