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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Naming A Rabbitry

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
hello :-) i am starting a rabbitry where i will be breeding french angoras and jersey wooly rabbits. i want a name that is either south carolina related or is literary/book since i am a librarian. i have thought of palmetto moon rabbitry or cotton tales rabbitry, but wanted some additional ideas. :-) any help would be appreciated!!!


  • Posted on Member
    This may surprise you, but what you like and want - or don't - should have absolutely no bearing on the name you select for your business. Your only concern should be how and if that name appeals to your potential customers. Period.

    No offense meant, but guess what? They couldn't care less if you're a librarian or a reader of tarot cards. Ditto your concern with SC.

    Your focus should be - must be - on a name that answers the basic questions on the minds of customers and clients of every business: What's in it for me? How can you solve my problems?

    That said, I'll fold up my little soap box and disappear into the mist, leaving it to others to respond more directly to your posting.
  • Posted on Author
    thanks for the response. i actually do understand that what i like doesn't need to play into the name of a business. and were this going to be a store or a firm of some sort, i would take your advice and name my business appropriately. this, however, is for a rabbitry. i am not solving a problem for anyone other than providing them a pet or 4h project. and, having the word rabbitry at the end of the name should clue anyone in as to what i can do for them and what is in it for them.

    if you feel that strongly that my rabbitry name needs to reflect what i can offer my customers, you should have posted a name that you feel will do this.
  • Posted by lathans on Accepted
    How cool!
    I like Palmetto, since SC is the Palmetto state (and get the moon reference to the flag); some other ideas on a literary front...
    "Bunny Trail Rabbitry"
    "Br'er Rabbitry"
    "Watership Down Rabbitry"

    Best of luck!
  • Posted on Accepted
    Being from Australia, I don't know anything about South Carolina, and I have little understanding of your markets. However, I can say that where I come from, the word 'rabbitry' doesn't have a very positive assocation - you would use it more for describing those businesses that breed rabbits for eating. Now, I have no idea if that's a common perception in your neck of the woods too, but if it is, perhaps you would consider a name like, "XYZ Rabbits" or "XYZ Rabbit Farm" instead?

    My suggestions would be:

    Peter Rabbits
    Honey Bunnies

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Blue Granite Rabbitry
    Sweetgrass Rabbitry
    The Velveteen Rabbitry
    The Tail of the Flopsy Bunnies Rabbitry
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    maybe ...

    Smiling Faces Rabbitry

    Beautiful Places Rabbitry

    Also even though "Rabbitry" is a perfectly good word, as stated above, give some thought to "Rabbit Breeders" as a term more familiar to the general population.

  • Posted on Author
    thank you!!! these are all excellent suggestions. :-) i will definitely consider rabbits instead of rabbitry based on your comments. i hadn't considered that it may have different connotations for some. i have some good food for thought with these now. :-) thank you again!

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