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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Residential And Commercial Cleaning Service Name

Posted by fleurdelisa1 on 1250 Points
I have a cleaning business under my personal name. I want to expand and start a web site. I am having a hard time picking a new name. I need a new "professional" name. One that represents a "high end" cleaning service. A name that has class. We are very detailed oriented and offer personal cleaning services. We are also starting to do "green cleaning." We have a great reputation for honest, thorough cleaning.

  • Posted on Member
    Depending on how long you've been using your present name, you could have a valuable investment you're about to discard. Think about keeping the same business name and requesting suggestions for taglines to better explain what type of cleaning you do.
  • Posted on Member
    I agree with phil..its difficult to create brand equity. In fact if u say u have a reputation .dont discard it. There are no proffessional sounding names. Its a myth. How is Google or Apple or for that matter Boeing a professional name. But having said that i also believe that its the message that needs to be the common theme between name, ads, publicity or even collateral like cards, brochures.

    One more thing..if you want be corporate like i suggest that you have a different brand names . So for ur commercial business have the current name and for your residential business have a sub brand. This could be vice versa too . Its a call u must take depending upon which is more lucrative and more responsive and sensitive market.
  • Posted by fleurdelisa1 on Author
    Thank you for thoughts! But I really do not want to use my name any more.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Where are your customers located? Maybe we can incorporate some local reference.

    Is the business mostly commercial or mostly residential? The best names are usually the most specific ones. Maybe we focus on one segment and let the other one "come along for the ride."

    What words do your customers use when they describe your work and the benefit they derive from it? Have you interviewed a few of them (or hired someone to do it for you)? Maybe we can pick up on the self-talk (in their heads) when they think about you and your service.
  • Posted on Member
    Not to sound like a broken record but I am still saying this..Dont worry about the name. Its just a hygiene factor.Think more in terms of offerings and clientele. By the looks of it may be u want to focus on corporate segment hence the zeal to find a corporate sounding name. If i am right then to a certain extent i agree with ur dilemma but i also counsel that it is not such a big deal.

    However just to add more value to the answer ur thinking must be on lines of SEO

    so start with something simple

    a)Weatherwood services management

    b)Hightower housekeeping services

    c)Onyx facility management services

    here services management, facilities management are the most important search words.. so think on those lines

  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Member

    Are you simply using the name for a website, or adding another line of business to your portfolio?

    What are you associating your business with? Rather, what would you want your potential customers to associate it with? One component that you have highlighted is the "premium" component. What are the other components?

    Hope to get more clarity on your plans to enable us to help you further

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Pristine (Homes)
    Gleaming (Homes)
    Perfectly Clean (Homes)
  • Posted on Member
    -NovaCare (Nova=Star)
    -Alpha (head, leader, top)
    -Phoenix One

    Hope this helps :)
  • Posted by fleurdelisa1 on Author
    Thank you all so much! My company is mostly residential. We pride ourselves in not being a "cookie Cutter" cleaning service. We customize our services to what the client wants and needs. I have listened to my clients say things like...The house sparkles, you know my house better then I do, you are very detailed. We mostly clean in the Lehigh Valley. But also in the surrounding area. Jay those words that you have are actually words that I have on my "list"
  • Posted on Member
    Maybe you could use....

    Hygine Care

    Sanskrit words:

    Samarjayati means wash and clean
    Amalam means clean
    Parishkar means clean

    CMO Axis
  • Posted by michael on Member
    We just don't want you to expend resources "explaining" the reason for the name change. "Formerly....." doesn't do well in the market. People often think there is a bigger change and that service levels will change.


  • Posted on Accepted
    Adding a strong search word or phrase into your name will make Search Engine Optimisation a lot easier. Especially when it comes to link building. If a site links to you naturally you will automatically have your main keyword in that link to your site which does wonders for your search results.

    So what might be a good main keyword to use:

    The search term "clean" gets 6,120,000 searches monthly on Google is the US and "cleaning" gets 5,000,000 monthly.

    If you have cleaning in your name it will help you target both search terms "clean" and "cleaning".

    "Cleaners" gets 1,500,000 searches monthly.

    The search term "cleaners" will have a greater click through rate as people searching "cleaning" won't always be looking for your services but may be looking for cleaning methods or products.

    I appreciate your company may only target the local area but "cleaners" is still likely to be the most relevant search term for your company on a local scale.

    So now we have that out of the way, on to the name, I feel its important not to alienate either of your segments (residential/commercial) so choosing a name which will appeal to both will be wise. When deciding on names it is important to think of as many negative connotations as possible for each name and go with names that don't have negative connotations. Here's some ideas:

    Divine Cleaners
    Star Cleaners
    Sure Cleaners
    Finesse Cleaners
    Prestige Cleaners
    Thoroughbred Cleaners
    Zest Cleaners
    Immaculate Cleaners
    Spotless Cleaners
    Breezy Cleaners
    Pride Cleaners

    Once you have a short list, take that list to your target market and ask them to firstly name all the negative and positive connotations with each name, then ask them to choose their favourite.

    I hope this helps


  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    So if we come up with two dozen name suggestions, how are you going to pick a winner? What are the criteria for selecting a name? What's the process?
  • Posted by fleurdelisa1 on Author
    Thanks for the info Mike! Great ideas!
  • Posted on Member
    White Glove Cleaning Services
    Taking you from Hoarder to Order (tagline)

    As a point of consideration: in your request the focus is on how well you are able to clean -- the literal task.

    You may want to also think about how you want your prospective clients to feel about what you do (a value proposition in your name). Are you making them feel relieved? safe? are you giving them back their time/lives? Not sure I have a great name to convey that, but you may want to also think about names that evoke the feeling one gets from using your service.
  • Posted by sham on Member
    Hi, fleurdelisa1

    I wanna add my 2 cents to good suggestions given above.

    simple names
    Neat and clean -- Keep your place untidy

    Spotless cleaners-- There will be no spots in your house cause we keep our reputation spotless
    Crystal clear cleaners-- your house glitters like crystal
    Hope these help you
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted
    -HumanScape Custom Cleaning-
    ..Sensitive To Your Interior Environment

    Something like this name causes the reader to pause and reflect on the twist suggested relative to Interior(Human) World where we all spend time and highend yardcare.
    Do more people use yard Services than home Cleaners??? If so maybe this will cause some parallel thinking and draw in new clients too.
    In short it Adds Spice by keeping your name out of the 'weeds' of all the other cleaning services.

    Your desire for personal is met with 'Custom' and 'Cleaning' meets the Search engine need.

    The free Tagline also hits on Environment (Green) and being Sensitive to each clients needs....pets, children, seniors, business, presale....a seal/logo identifying that your staff are 'bonded' would help too.

  • Posted by lori on Member
    All good answers so far.

    Try these on for size:

    GreenClean (or EcoClean)
    We do it your way--so you don't have to!

    Pristine Clean
    We do it your way--so you don't have to!

  • Posted by fleurdelisa1 on Author
    Thank you for all your ideas! This has really helped me! I have been racking my brain and others since February. I will picking 1 or 2 on Sunday!

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