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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Water Refilling Station Store Name And Taglines

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Hi! I am in desperate need of help picking a name for my new business.

Right now I'm going to be doing Water Refilling Station

Here are a few I've been thinking about, but would love if anyone else has additional ideas or suggestions!

pure and Safe
Pure and clear
Clearly crystal
Clear Waters
pure crystal clear
Aqua Fresca
Agua cristalina
Clear Summit

Pure Drop
Clear Flow
H20 to go

Water without worry.

  • Posted by Visual Clue on Accepted
    Liquid-ation Station

    Fresh fluid

    Drop Stop

    Spill n Fill

    Aqua Tap

    Urban Spring
  • Posted on Member
    Who will you be selling the water to, and for what purposes will they be using it. What are the demographics of your buyers. The reason I ask is that you want a name they can read and understand rather than one that might mislead them.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Hydration Heaven
    Oasis To Go
  • Posted on Author
    i will be putting up the station in a subdivision selling to the whole neighborhood. They will be drinking it as it is purified drinking water having the clearest total dissolve solids almost good for babies.

    also i need help for taglines

    like Water without worry.

    i was thinking of marketing strategy like

    buy 3 bottle 5-gallons get for php 100
    buy 5 bottles and get 1 5-gallon water free
    Refer-a friend and get 1 5-gallon water free

    any other promo ideas will help? thanks guys!

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