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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tag Line For National Logistics Exhibition Stand

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hi Guys,

I am after some help with a tag line that I am really struggling with. Heres' some background...

My company is well known in our industry, although only in one sector of the logistics market. We have diversified significantly in the past 12 months and we need to let our potential customers that we actually do provide other services. We have signed up to a national exhibition in 2013 in order to let people know this.

Essentially, we cover the whole market and that is the message I want to convey at the exhibition. It will be our theme thoughout all marketing materials/graphics.

Our audience is predominantly middle to senior management of retail companies. I am after a clear, concise tag line that they will get instantly.

I have come up with 'All-encompassing Logistics', 'Driving your supply chain cycle' etc., but they don't roll off the tongue so I need your help.

Thanks in advance,


  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Is there a benefit for your target audience to your having an "all-encompassing" offering? Or is this just your attempt to expand what you do? If there's a benefit for the target audience, then THAT needs to be the message. (Why should they care?)

    If there's no real benefit for them, then I'm not sure you have much to say. ("We used to do just X, but now we do X, Y and Z ... in case you care.")

    The best taglines are not about YOU or what YOU do. They're about the BENEFIT you deliver for your target audience.
  • Posted on Author
    I see where you are coming from...

    Firstly, a lot of companies like to have one reliable service provider - it's simple and cost-effective. We can do this for our potential customers now.

    Secondly, we have a great reputation in our main service offering. Customers (in theory) will see that we provide these other services and say 'hey, they do X now, they do such a good job at Y we should get them on board'

    I hope that helps clarify!
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    "Sustaining your deliveries"
    "Delivering your systems"
    "Logistical sustainance"

    .... ???

    If you want to elaborate on these, think what you don't do as a support company. Stepping away from the things you don't do well is as good as stepping towards those things you do well.

    Gemma xx
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Logistics simplified

    Logistics simplified like never before
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    What's the name of your company? We don't want to unnecessarily repeat any words in your name.

    Who is your target market? Why would they choose your expanded offerings instead of your competition?

    What are you currently known as experts in? What's the biggest "stretch" that you think prospective customers would think you could make (and trust you to perform it)?
  • Posted on Author
    Apologies for delay guys and thanks for your input...

    The companies name is Maritime.

    The target market is primarily large blue chip retailers of goods including food, clothing, electronics. There would be a number of reasons why people would want to choose us. At the moment, I think the most appealing reason is that we have ridden/are riding the economic downturn pretty well, compared to a number (not all) of our competitors. I suppose you could say that we are safe, reliable and value close relationships with our customers.

    Container transport is our speciality. The way in which contracts work, we would have time to add any necessary resources no problem, between the time the paper is signed and contract commences i.e. no matter the customers size and requirements, we could handle it.

    Hope this helps

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