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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Pls Help With Slogan For Corporate Events Company!

Posted by Anonymous on 50 Points
Hi need a slogan for my event planning business, I organise networking events nationally/internationally, do product launches, farmers markets, electrical trade shows, gala dinners, charity race nights and so on ... my name is Neelam and everyone calls me Nee, I am very much a people person and live by the motto "where theres a will theres a way" and go out of my way to please and subsequently have been re-booked for all annual events I have organised so far. I have called the company NEEvent (still working on the logo but want this to read "any" more so that my name) can anyone help me with a slogan or tagline that will suits all occassions/events/genders!!! I want it to be fun, professional, positive yet flexible - so difficult

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Firstly I am pleased that you have not only set up a business, you have also had some real success. That is a great start for anyone wanting to help you.

    Your "where there is a will, there is a way" suggests that you serve all comers? This is not always a good idea, although it is no bad start. I have done the same on several occasions and would wish to share one thought: there are customers who are not easy to please. My advice is to learn a lesson from them. That lesson is that they cannot be pleased.

    Your tagline needs to state clearly what you do - and what you do not do if at all possible. I found that stating clearly the terms and conditions of our small building business left little room for argument. That meant those who would find fault, would not find the iteration of our terms a pleasant experience. Believe me, our business ran far more smoothly without those customers than with them. And their complaints.

    For a Neeventful time !

    Well, that is a start? To your success, Gemma xx
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I'm not so enamored with NEEvent as a name. I'd rather see a word that suggests an emotional benefit, or payoff, for your target audience. Most folks won't be able to figure out what the NEE means anyway, and it will just represent a missed opportunity to communicate something meaningful.

    You need to re-examine your business plan (and marketing plan) to identify the ultimate end-end-benefit for your customer. What makes you different from, and better than, other event planners? Why should someone hire YOU? How will a client FEEL when you've worked your magic? THAT is what you want the name and tagline to communicate.

    NE or NEE doesn't say/mean anything except to people who know your name. (If you really mean "Any" then say/spell it that way.) If you are married to that as a business name, then your tagline has to do all the work, and perhaps even have to explain the irrelevant name. Not an ideal situation; maybe not even possible.

    Consider the communication objective before you lock in on a name (or a tagline).
  • Posted on Accepted
    The fact that you produce corporate events is completely lost in your present name, NEEvent, a name that's much too vague, too obscure. I suggest you go with something much more direct, such as "Corporate Event Specialists, Inc." (Yes, you should incorporate the business to limited your liability.)

    And for a tagline, I suggest: "Bringing People Together Worldwide."
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks for all the comments, very useful, the URL needed to be quite short and memorable - from what I have learnt so far - after buying quite a few domain names settled on (anyevent was taken and didnt want a strange domain name with hyphens, dots etc). I have been organising corporate events only so far, but want to be able to organise personal events too such as Birthdays, Christenings and so on - like slogan "Bringing People Together" thanks for this.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    For your business name, can you use: N.E.Event (so it reads aloud the way you want it to sound)?

    For a tagline, "Turning Dreams Into Reality".

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