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Topic: Taglines/Names

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A Trucking Company Name

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I am in the process of opening up a trucking company with my father we are both drivers who drive over the road, it would be just us too at first. But am looking for a catchy name for my business something professional and different if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly apreciate it. Thank you

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Trucking is an insanely competitive market.

    Firstly, you are both of you experienced. You will have an easier job of forming a USP for yourselves. Find out what your clients want of you - and address any genuine complaints they have made. Putting those two together will give you an idea of something that you can use to set yourselves apart from the herd.

    Well, that hasn't helped much, has it. Well, we don't have much to go on. I am imagining semi-trailers and multi-drops with Euro-palletization. But then again, I met a guy who drove from Dusseldorf to Stuttgart and back again. Three times a week. That was all he did. For twenty years. Now that would not be easy to find a snappy name for save "Dusseldorf-Stuttgart Reefers" not that he needed snappy advertising ...

    You do.

    Just for starters: "On Time Solutions" Get back to us with a few more details, and suggest the sort of thing you could offer as a result. With results you can make good progress with snappy names - that catch your clients' eyes as well.

    Hope this helps, Gemma xx

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    No responses yet from the truckers. Are you serious about this business?

    Or did you decide selling second hand rigs was more profitable?

    Sorry to be cynical, trucking is about the hardest market to break into.

  • Posted on Author
    Sorry I've been busy with work and all, yes I am serious on this business we both are experienced otr drivers we both have our own Riggs paid off and my father got his trailer. I am thinking of buying a refg. Trailer and would be dispatching both of us. That suggestion you gave Me isn't bad just too long, I'd like something more shorter and a strong meaning for transport. I know that the trucking business is though but I got one brooker I can work with in the beginning that I worked with in the past. Also a friend of mine is in the produce business thats the reason why I want to get a reefer, would also be able to turn it off and drive non refg loads . I am working in a good stable company but always wanted to try and take my chances on my own company.
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Accepted


    'Light Footed' meaning responsive & nimble to your clients needs and agile with your the economical results of being time sensitive & small.... along with the 'heavy haulers' make this a poetic and savvy combination..for a memorable name.

    Hyphenated implies larger trailers or pups too I guess...
  • Posted by brainstorm4u on Accepted
    Would it be possible to use your last name in order to come up with some company name ideas? It sounds like you probably have a good reputation already in the trucking business. That can work to your advantage.

    Also, where are you located? I'm here in the middle of America where Interstates 57 and 55 intersect...quite a few large trucking companies around here!

    Will you be servicing a particular area? Or coast-to-coast?

    Thank you!
  • Posted on Author
    Lfhh not really feeling that one thanks anyway, I am stationed out in mo myself st.Louis to be exact. I would like something meaning towards expidet freight and reliable service in one if there's a word that can sum up both but for a trucking company that would be great since am a hard worker and believe in good service for a good price. I wouldn't mind having transport in there somewhere or even trucking, this is gona be a family owned business but definitely a professional one at the same time. I apreciate all the ideas but nothing really has caught my ear quite yet.
  • Posted on Author
    We plan on serving the whole usa where ever the money is at that time..
  • Posted by brainstorm4u on Member
    Love St. Louis! Up there a lot! Have friends and family in St. Louis! Cardinal fan forever! Went to Game 7 last year and still have the confetti! Whenever I need a blast of energy I just put in the Game 6 CD! Wow!

    Can you give your last name or is that not a direction you want to go? No problem. Will try to come up with some names.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Following up NovaHammer's suggestion

    Fleet Footed Heavy Haulage

    Fleet as in fleet of lorries too?

    I presume from what you say, you are going to serve every customer who comes through your door? Is there one thing that you can do as a company that few others can or will? Focus on that one thing and you have a future.

    To your success, Moriarty xx
  • Posted on Author
    Yeah st.Louis is definitely a city of its own energy especially if your a fan of the cards!! I wouldn't really go with my last name know a buddy that did that, I was kinda thinking cardinal express LLC. but I don't know how professional those it sound?!
  • Posted by NovaHammer on Member


    Tote'l Trucking
  • Posted by brainstorm4u on Member
    Rally Squirrel Trucking

    Homerun Trucking

    Hall of Fame Trucking

    I like the sound of Tote'l Trucking but I would make it Total Trucking instead. Kind of like the Total Package.

    Will brainstorm and submit more ideas later tonight.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Mo Trucking
    Double-Quick Hauling
  • Posted by brainstorm4u on Member
    Have you decided on a name for your company?

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