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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Biz Name For Gifts,decor W Nest Or Cardinal

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
I'm trying to think of a catchy name for an online site to sell various home decor, gifts, holiday items, floral wreaths, etc. I am a huge bird lover, cardinals in particular and am a 50+ year old divorced woman who has always called "home" a "nest"... so I'd love to find a way to combine nest, cardinal, mama, etc into a store name that was catchy yet classy. I can only come up with things like "Mamas Nest" but that sounds goofy. I don't think that name would attract much interest for people doing a google search for home decor.

Thank you for suggestions.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Firstly just because something sounds goofy to you doesn't mean it sounds goofy to your clients. Believe me, you can get used to practically anything. Nest certainly is one way to go, it has a lot of potential.

    Advice: you are a bird lover. That means many of your customers will be too. Why? Because it just tingles. Work out who the perfect customer would be for your business. The kind that comes back for more, and does so often. Because when they do a search in Google there are things that will interest them - and "nest" is one of them. Remember that they will have had a frustrating time finding you, so make sure they don't forget you.

    You could try "Pam's Nest" "Everything you need to feather your home" (as in "feather your nest")

    It'll do for a start. With best wishes from someone who is also female, 50+ and divorced. I got lucky and grabbed myself a stray jazz musician!

    Moriarty xx
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Who is your primary target audience? Where do they live? What are they seeking? What benefit do you provide? Do you deliver emotional satisfaction?

    Your name should resonate with your primary target audience. What YOU like or don't like is really irrelevant when it comes to naming your business. Spend your time and energy identifying the target audience and defining their most compelling need. It's even important to learn the words they use to describe that need.

    When you've interviewed a dozen folks in your target audience, let us know what they had to say. Then we'll be able to generate a list of on-strategy names for you.
  • Posted on Author
    Moriarty, thank you... brilliant I must say!!! I love the "feather your nest" soooo much... it's friendly, and that is what I'm looking for.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Hi Pam,

    Actually I had intended "feather your home" as a kind of pun on feathering nests - if you like feathering nests, run with it!! are both taken - and active (they aren't always) are both free.

    If you are acting locally, then you might be able to get away with this (or use a different extension - I'm on a .nl extension for pretty obvious reasons). To be quite honest, I would want just one tweak (tweet?) more - a little more Pam Pepper - and you will have something that really does tell folk who you are.

    M xx
  • Posted on Author
    Thanks mgoodman.. Thanks for the reply.. That makes sense, I guess my "likes" really do not matter when it comes to a business name,.. I think I was just trying to somehow tie the name to my personality and to something that defines me in a way. Everyone in my family know that cardinals hold a soft spot in my eye :)

    As for my "target audience"... I don't really know who they will be, other than people who like to decorate their homes (nest). This is all new to me, I've worked in Corporate America for 30+ years until a couple of years ago after company down sized. This will be a sink or swim situation for me.

    Thank you.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member

    a few quick thoughts on your comment

    "target audience"... I don't really know who they will be

    - your experience in Corporate situations will be of no help here, sorry.

    So let us take your target audience ... as **yourself**

    So let's start with you: what do you like and dislike. Not that hard. Write down five things in each column and write an advertisement that fits each of these things.

    *****Because ANYTHING is good as a start******

    Make mistakes, learn from them. You won't learn by doing nothing.

    An example: my best keyword for my copywriting/business advice business is ... Louis Armstrong.

    That is because I like him, and my best clients like him. So advertise to bird lovers! Even Cardinal lovers Make sure that your advertisements are clearly about home improvement, but with that birdy twist. Do the same with your landing page. You will have their attention from the word go.

    Sadly, corporate America has little time for individuality. It is something I struggle to understand! It is a massive waste of talent and imagination. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You have to learn to be self-sufficient and learn how to rely on your imagination. Take a peek at my profile for an idea of what I mean.

    Hope this helps. When you are doing something, you sleep better.
    Moriarty xx

    *(make sure you are advertising to bird lovers and not Cardinals fans!)

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