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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Coaching Business Looking For Tagline...

Posted by janellelhake on 500 Points

I am trying to come up with a tagline for an online coaching business.

Target Market: creative entrepreneurs struggling with work/life balance, feeling 'stuck,' procrastination, and all other regularly experienced entrepreneurial concerns/issues

Considering: "Live your life in color", but was told that it might not appeal to men (and I want to work with both men and women).

Thank you in advance for your ideas and suggestions!!!!


  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Being in much the same business, this sounds horrifyingly vague.

    First question: how are you going to find these entrepreneurs? As a breed they are not known for procrastination.

    Before I get down to the nitty gritty, imagine your very best customer. Detail them down to the cost of their electricity bill and the size of their hamster cage if you can. Doing this will help a little because when you start, and you work with it, you discover things about them that are really true - and will have a dramatic effect on how you find them and how you select them. I am now on my fifth (sixth?) time around my fave client and they have taken a form and shape that is - objective.

    Because with this sort of information - that you get from within yourself - your taglines jump out at you and they are hard to get back in their box.

    I presume you have some real strategies to help with this work/life balance and all the rest?

    Tagline "I help you to be what you already are, only didn't know"

    "I help you to be what you are, only more effectively".

    there, two. Straight off the top of my head.

    To your success this time, Moriarty xx

  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Member
    Janelle - What's the name of your business? Ideally we want the tagline to fit with your name well.

    And can you give us some specifics about your special knowledge that would attract people to you for coaching?
  • Posted by dmmarathe on Member
    You can name it as ' Live life Rainbow Like !!'
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    "Stuck for ideas? We'll unstick 'em for you!"

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    "We coach you to be who you are and need to be - not what you think you are"

  • Posted by brainstorm4u on Accepted
    Already asked, but I'll ask again, what is the name of your business? This will be a great help in creating a tagline. Or, is there some reason that you can't give us the name?

    As for a tagline:

    Live Your Life Without The Maybe's
    Live Your Life Without The What-Ifs
    Live Your Life, Love Your Life
    No More What-Ifs
    What If You Couldn't Fail
    There's No Time For Maybe

  • Posted by peg on Member
    In my experience -- as a business person, not as a life coach -- the people who lean toward soft, feel-good names are people who work in corporations, are stuck in uninspiring jobs and are used to lots of "process."

    If your market is entrepreneurs, or solo-preneurs, consider a name that suggests less warm-fuzziness and more real-world results, because this audience is attracted to specific steps and hard results, not to process. Of course, you can teach them about process once you get them through the door; but you won't attract men -- or success-driven women -- with soft names such as "live your life in color."

    If you have professional certification initials to put after your name, use those to increase this appeal. (I've made some up as an example, below.) If you don't have certification initials, then give yourself a title that moves past that. (See last option.)

    Tagline ideas along these lines include:

    Janelle Hake, CLC
    Expert in Work/Life Balance

    Janelle Hake, MS, CLC
    Real World Life Coaching for Entrepreneurs

    Janelle Hake, Life Coach
    Specialist in Entrepreneurial Work/Life Balance

    J. B. Hake, Positive Life Coach
    Personalized Options for Work/Life Balance

    Both men and women can relate to these ideas, which suggest an actual direction or outcome, and distinguishes you from the non-specific messages so commonly promoted by your competitors.

    Hope these ideas help you to attract a good number of paying clientele. Good luck to you!

  • Posted by janellelhake on Author
    Sorry for the delay- business name is just my first and last name coaching. Want to have option to expend into psychology upon receiving degree so didn't want to limit mysel with another type of name!! Thanks!!
  • Posted on Member
    I've not seen anything so far about your credentials, your previous experience helping entrepreneurs, just a desire to do something as a fill-in 'til your get your degree. That's not a very good reason to start a business.

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