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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Help With A Tagline For New Real Estate Co.

Posted by brandon.radcliff on 250 Points
I'm launching a new real estate company soon and need help with a tagline. The name of the company will be "The Agency". With that being somewhat vague we want to have real estate in the tagline. Our business is all over the place so we don't really have a geographic focus or specific focus on type of property or price point. We pride ourselves on working harder than anyone else to provide better service. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more specifics.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Firstly may I ask how "We pride ourselves on working harder than anyone else to provide better service." sets you apart from the 15,000 other agencies in the country?

    so ...

    let's hear what you ... don't do.

    Come on!

    There has to be something. Just one tiddly thing that you won't touch.

    "We don't sell pigsties" might be a possibility "We don't sell commercial real estate" ?? (okay, so you do, right?)

    One of the most important things a tagline can tell someone is to tell them it ain't for them and don't waste our valuable time, thankyou.


    PS If you say you treat everybody the same ... believe me, you won't. So that could be what sets you apart from the also-rans.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Oh, and no doubt you are also the cheapest around? That sort of equates with the supermarket approach to selling things ...

    M xx
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    There are several professional services businesses named "The Agency" is this your website:

  • Posted by brandon.radcliff on Author
    99% of our business is residential real estate. We take just about any business that comes our way, but we stay out of the ghetto. If I'm calling someone to get their business, I'm going after the higher end properties. And honestly, we do offer better service and at a much lower price, but I get your point. I wish I could treat all of my clients the same, but the deals that bring more money get more attention unfortunately. But that's not to say that others are neglected.

    I want to help people buy or sell their home or help an investor find/lease/sell a property. Another company already has "Buy|Sell|Lease"
  • Posted by brandon.radcliff on Author
    Steve, No. That's not us. No website yet. The name of our city will be attached to that, but hopefully you get the idea.
  • Posted by brandon.radcliff on Author
    We are young tech savvy males. 90% of our competition is middle aged women that can't operate a fax or email a contract. The quality of our website and marketing materials will be equal to or surpass everything in our market. Ideally we want to convey the Million Dollar Listing image from the Bravo tv show, but adjust it to a midwest city.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Okay, so we are beginning to find a niche for your shot-gun approach to marketing.

    Remember: whatever you do, you WON'T PLEASE EVERYONE. No matter how hard you try and how long you work and how little you charge.

    So don't even try. Give up the idea of "treating everyone the same" and work out who you please the most. Earlier today I gave instructions on how to make a matrix of your clients (for the Paris guys, whatever their names are). That way you will uncover your strenghts, weaknesses and be able to define your perfect customer more easily.

    They mean two things: less work and more profit. For the same hours in a day. It is a no brainer. Be warned about your description of Middle-aged women who can't do things. They are wrapping you around their little finger right now!

    Moriarty xx 50 something divorcee.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    I don't get it. You stated, "we don't really have a geographic focus" and then the strategic planning behind differentiating your brand of "The Agency" verses "The AgencyRE" (and any others discovered through research) is to use a city name.

    It seems this will create many issues such as branding, SEO and trademark just to mention a few.

    I suggest you step back, write a business plan with a strong marketing section. Write a creative brief for the development of a new business name and tagline based on a clear benefit positioning strategy. Doing this now, as your competitive foundation, will save time, money and provide a much better chance for success.

    Hope this helps.

  • Posted by brandon.radcliff on Author
    My perfect customer is easy going, doesn't call me/email me 20 times a day and is buying a million dollar property with cash - but I haven't met one client that does any of those things. One idea I had was "Innovative Solutions. Transforming Real Estate." But it seems like its lacking something.
  • Posted by brandon.radcliff on Author
    Thanks Steve. What I meant was that we will take on most things in our area whereas many agents focus on a specific suburb or city neighborhood. We have done deals from the center of the city out about 50 miles in any direction. Hope that makes it more clear.
  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Member
    "We are young tech savvy males. 90% of our competition is middle aged women that can't operate a fax or email a contract."

    Here, I have three words of advice for you: heed them.


    Unless you've got Grade "A", dyed in the wool, earned in the trenches, nose to nose, toes to toes ability that inks EVERY contract on first blush (and even if you don't), you'll do well to stow this kind of arrogant, bullshit, condescending, sexist attitude.

    Here's why: successful high end real estate deals have jack shit to do with how tech savvy you are.

    While you're iPading and smart phoning your way around the country, showing people how cool you are, trying to sell high end real estate, those "middle aged women" are busy staging, positioning, and conditioning their clients so that those clients are envisioning their new home, NOT buying a house.

    "We pride ourselves on working harder than anyone else to provide better service." Do we? By putting down the competition? I think not. I live just outside Philadelphia. The average price of a home just a few blocks from where I live is $3 million and the real estate agents in this area are mostly female, mostly 45 plus, and they're ALL really good at what they do. Know why?

    Because they've got solid connections with furniture stores, florists, interior decorators, and stagers. This means the homes they sell sell fast and for top prices. The people that buy from them don't WANT a contract e-mailed to them, they want face to face service.

    I agree with the posts above. You might want to dial it back a notch and focus a little more on your overall plan and THEN look at your name, and at your tag line.
  • Posted by brandon.radcliff on Author
    I wasn't trying to be negative or sexist - it just is what it is. I'm the guy that spends an hour cleaning my clients house after they have cleaned it and getting it staged etc. I have never put down my competition in front of a client or other agent. I am above that.

    Funny thing is most of my clients like having the ability to digitally sign a contract versus having to send it back to me.

    I was basically referencing how we are different. A lot of the agents in my area treat it as a part time job. This is my life. Before you go off on someone you
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    OK, but still not convinced your name selection serves you well. What about the written plan and written creative brief? If you have done the research, done the work - where is the succinct summary as input for us here?

    As "young tech savvy males", I believe you can do a great job of implementing a web present customer interactive site relative to the competition (whoever they are, and the bar probably isn't that high anyway). But to be successful, you will need some "strategic marketing savvy folks". There are some very good such advisers on this site, check out their profiles and contact info.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    "My perfect customer is easy going, doesn't call me/email me 20 times a day and is buying a million dollar property with cash - but I haven't met one client that does any of those things."

    Yup. We are dreaming.

    Gary's right in his bringing-down-to-earth nuclear strike.

    No, you see the problem you have is typical of an intellectual. Because you have an imagination, you just don't know how to handle it effectively.

    Your competition does.

    That is why they are successful. If, like me their furniture making business went west with the US default on $6 trillion in 2007, they pick themselves up, dust themselves down and get their imaginative faculties into gear. Then they get back to work.

    What you need - and need fast - is FOCUS.

  • Posted by brandon.radcliff on Author
    We have hired a company to design our website, SEO, and overall online presence. As the the business as grown along with our clients and referrals we don't have as specific of a focus as I would like, but I rarely turn someone away unless I know that someone else can help them better. The only thing missing is our tagline. Thanks for your help Steve and Moriarty. Gary - have a good weekend.

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