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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Webinar Series And Onsite Computer Instruction

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
After having worked in the church market as an administrator for numerous years, I've left the field and am now marketing myself as an independent consultant to churches in need of assistance in bringing their staff and offices into the 21st century (which is what I do best).

My services include everything from beginner Webinars to onsite training (either 1:1 or in groups) and advise on upgrading equipment and getting the best deals available for non-profits and/or schools (for those that qualify).

Services range from basic (simple instruction) to information about an the necessity of using ChMS (Church Management Software) as well as office organization and the need for a web presence with not only a properly designed and maintained website, but social media, proper shared calendaring, security, branding and the like.

Having said all of that and having my business plan well laid out, I'm still in need of a proper name for the business as well as a tagline and logo. I've considered both church-related names and those that would be a bit more generic so both are welcome.

Many thanks to those who respond with suggestions.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Firstly I would like to ask you where you are based and who your favourite clients are. Even amongst churches there will be ones you like (of any denomination) and ones where it didn't click. You have done this for a while, so please have a think!

    Working with those who really appreciate your work is something that a good name and tagline can encourage - and discourage the ones you don't get on so well with. This is the core of Moriarty's Matrix which will be seen on my profile sometime next week. The real point of this is to find out what you don't do, because being honest about this shows more honesty and integrity than any amount of waffle about being Christian or being trustworthy. That both are truthful in your case does not mean that people haven't misused them. Even thoroughbred Christians can be cynical at times, especially when it comes to money.

    An InSpiring challenge. Sorry, couldn't resist that one ...

    Moriarty xx
  • Posted on Author

    I have an AG background; however, I work mostly with churches that need to move into the 21st century and are sorely lacking in technology.

    Most of these churches are of denominations such as Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist and the like. Many are woefully behind in technology and the means to run an efficient, modern office combining software and social media amongst other available avenues.
  • Posted by peg on Accepted
    You seem to realize that churches are not a lucrative enough client base to be your sole business target, so a secular name will help give you options with non-profits, private schools and public sector agencies, which should be important elements of your business plan.

    Having said that, I suggest you take a direct approach to naming your business, such as:

    Wilson Administrative Consulting
    Tactics and Training for the 21st Century

    Wilson Administrative
    Consulting and Training for the 21st Century

    Wilson Consulting
    Strategies, Tactics and Training for Administrative Staff

    Obviously, substitute your name for "Wilson," or if your name is problematic, substitute a word that indicates your region or a chief trait/benefit, such as:

    Northwest Administrative Consulting
    River Valley Administrative Consulting
    Efficiency First Administrative Consulting
    Top Skills Administrative Consulting
    Supervisor and Staff Administrative Consulting

    Good luck with your new business!

  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    I like Peg's approach. Simple, direct. It is, after all, what you want from an administrator.

    A few taglines in the mean time:

    Administration and Technology services for the Free Churches.
    Administration for the non-profit sector.

    Both a little lack lustre, but administration isn't exactly the stuff of one-liners.

  • Posted on Author
    OK, here are some taglines I came up with and maybe you guys can run with them...still can't seem to come up with a business name, which certainly defeats the purpose; however, I will not be dissuaded!

    • Exceeding the pace of changing times
    • Don’t be addicted to mediocrity…excel in all you do
    • Resurrect & revitalize your office

    What do you think?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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