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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Namestorming For Rebranding

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
I need help renaming my PR/communications company. Right now the name is simple enough but people seem to have trouble pronouncing it as it is not an English word. Been trying to think of something that sounds unique but everything I like has been taken. It's a small PR firm with a focus on writing... presskits/press releases/media relations/editorial services/training & workshops. I feel like this is too broad and I need to cut out the editorial and training part of things or just switch to copywriting but that's a story for another day.

For now, I'm trying to come up with something catchy that alludes to writing. I'd also like to not use "PR" or "Communications" as part of the name. So pretty much I'm asking for some help namestorming something that would be as simple as "Write Communications", but replacing Write with something more creative and either taking out Communications or using a fresher word if possible. I hope this post is coherent... Thanks in advance for your help! :)

  • Posted by Gail@PUBLISIDE on Accepted
    While I haven't looked up the availability of any of these, you might consider:

    PR Writer

    Write On! (name of my former business)

    That's Wright

    You're Write
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Ms PressWriter
    Writer Up Jimmy
    Press Writer, To Go

    Then, if you want, add something like "Communications LLC" and maybe a tagline.
  • Posted by Chris Blackman on Accepted
    I know someone in PR/Content Authoring here in Australia who calls herself "The Write Woman" which explains what she does in a memorable way. But just talking about writing may be limiting in your case.

    Think of the benefit your work provides, and to whom. Do you work in a particular niche area?

    For example, if your work paints your client in a better light... You could call yourself something like "Better Organisational Image Co."

    If you deal mainly with crisis management, then Crisis Management Team might be suitable.

    Tell us a bit more about where you are, your market segments and specialisation, and I am sure you will get more targeted responses.
  • Posted on Author
    Thank you all for the lovely responses. I love Write On, prestoPR, and The Write Woman. Of course, a quick Google search shows that they are all taken, and some of them are used by several companies (which tempts me to go ahead and pick one as well). I thought of another one, Write Wise because I'd started a sentence with just those words: "Write-wise".. but that's taken, too. So is All Write. Can't seem to find a synonym for Write that's just as simple.

    @ASVP/ChrisB: My clientele has been varied; I've done web copy, advertising copy, invitations/cards and academic papers; worked with the beauty, food (restaurants), and not-for-profit sectors as well as students.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    These domains are available ..
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Both and are currently available, if you're interested.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    Hi PR Girl

    *disclaimer* I am a marketing consultant who is also a copywriter. My website has no connection to writing ... or anything. Yet it still works.

    Let us take a stroll around writing and what you do. In other words, some structured brainstorming:

    **Writing uses an implement to make a mark**

    Pen and paper
    pencil and paper
    pen and ink
    the 4B pencil in action

    **You use writing to communicate**

    sense in words
    pr in words
    the written word
    visible speech
    thoughts made visible

    **writing to suggest things**

    prose to poetry
    paragraphs of wonder
    written discovery

    We aren't only talking "write" here.

    Let me know what you like, and if you have any other ideas. Then we can have another go and maybe find a result. Perhaps someone else will find something useful?

    To your success,

    Moriarty xx

  • Posted by peg on Accepted
    Hi, PRGirl.

    I know you didn't ask for "PR" in the name, but since that's at the core of what you do, and you want to telegraph what you do to clients ...

    These domains are available:

    You might also look for a name that fits the geographical area of your business, such as these available names:


    These are simple and straightforward, and overcome the non-English problem you're faced with now.

    Good luck!

  • Posted on Accepted
    Author Communication


  • Posted on Author
    Thanks again for all your help, guys. My apologies for the delayed response - I'm a student and had exams. Moriarty, your answer was particularly helpful but I also deeply appreciate the domain name help.

    I think I'll go with "Write [Something]."

    Still working on that.

    In the meantime, I need a tagline as well... I'm wondering if that should be a new topic. A few taglines I've thought of are

    Weaving Your Ideas
    Because words can create a thousand pictures. (Not sure if this even makes sense.)
    Weaving Pictures Into Words
    Weaving Ideas Into Words
    Say It Right
    Say It Right. Stand Out

    I'm also wondering, since the name is two words, would it be alright for the tagline to be two words as well, for instance,
    If the name were "Write Girl,"
    and the slogan something like "Stand Out," would that be okay? I don't see too many of those, and I'm thinking there might be a reason for that... do you guys know of any examples, and what are your thoughts?

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