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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need Help With A Tagline For My Cleaning Business

Posted by beycanatalay on 250 Points
The name of my Cleaning Business is called True Sparkle Cleaning Services, LLC
We provide Residential and Commertial Cleaning..

Please help me with a Tagline

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    We can come up with some great suggestions, but we need a bit more information.

    First, who are your best clients? One-time, regulars, working parents, elderly, singles, etc.? Where do they live? What unique and important benefit do they think you deliver for them? Why are they using YOU and not a competitor?

    Second, what do you want the target audience to know about TSCS? This may be different for residential and commercial clients. Do you need a single tagline that will work for both? (That's a lot more difficult, of course.)

    Finally, where will your target audience see/hear this slogan? How do folks learn about you?
  • Posted by beycanatalay on Author
    We mainly focus on Residential cleaning business. So elderly, and working people are our best clients.. But we would like to target the commercial business as well. Our company is based in VA. We want the clients to use us and not the competitors..
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Accepted
    Regarding ... "We want the clients to use us and not the competitors". It is understandable that this a goal, but you have to tell us why they should go with your company instead of your competitors.

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    I am afraid this does all sound vague - which is not uncommon in a world where selling to everyone is everyone's goal. The problem is that if you want to make your advertising work effectively you need to focus, and the closer that focus is, the more effective your advertising will be.

    Just because you see all the big brands around you doesn't mean that their methods are effective, they are merely expensive. Whilst it is possible to write this off against tax, you still have to earn that money.

    This is all fine to say; the problem for most people is how to do it. So take half an hour - and sit down and write about your favorite client. The one that brings you more than just profit. They appreciate your business in ways that others simply don't. If you do this and share it with us here - in all its imperfections - you will have some stunning answers for you that will put your advertising on steroids.

    Your client: who are they, name age, job, everything down to where they put the dog's basket. Their likes, dislikes, choice of car and home. The point of this is focus. You don't just drive a car - you drive a Toyota Starlet or whatever these things are called. It it an automatic - and why? The clues as to their character lie in these details. As you progress you will find other things that spring from this exercise. What is more, all these ideas will form something cohesive.


  • Posted by beycanatalay on Author
    This is a new company... I will be providing cleaning services to all types of people that need home cleaning.. Commercial cleaning will be the next step up in the business once i gain some experience in the field.. i came up with the business name it will be True Sparkle Cleaning Services, LLC. I just need a tagline to go with the name.Where i live or will be doing business in are full of people from all races and backgrounds.. i live close to Washington dc. where everyone works for offices or in government business. Many people do not have the time to clean. I would like to provide to those people..My main focus is Costumer satisfaction, i would like to provide good service, make them happy so they will ask for my services again and again.. Word of mouth/Referrals to build the business.I will be adding my business to yelp/angies list.. so good reviews are crucial.. i want to be dependable... i will also be providing green cleaning.. so that's not something all the companies do not do.. In conclusion i have the name for my business. True Sparkle Cleaning Services, LLC. and need a name to go with the company name.. Thanks..
  • Posted by mgoodman on Moderator
    Coming up with a great tagline isn't about finding 5 or 6 words that sound clever/cute. It's about tapping into an idea that will resonate with your target audience. And it's much easier to tap into the minds of your target audience when you (a) know precisely who they are, and (b) know all about their needs, values, beliefs, habits, practices, and attitudes toward -- in this case -- hiring a maid service.

    We've actually provided marketing services to a maid service in a major metro area, so we know how to do it. It begins with a really deep understanding of the target audience -- not trying to be everything to everyone -- and the willingness/ability to investment spend to get the business off the ground. Neither of these is trivial; they're both critical to a serious business launch and should only be undertaken if you are truly serious about building a successful cleaning service.

    Want to discuss further? Contact me via email (in my profile). No charge or obligation.
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    Bel, you say "My main focus is Costumer satisfaction, i would like to provide good service, make them happy so they will ask for my services again and again.. Word of mouth/Referrals to build the business."

    Be warned that word of mouth referrals can take years to make a difference. Whilst they are the best, they are not something you can rely on in the early years.

    So: what are you going to provide in the way of customer satisfaction that other cleaning companies don't? You can say you are green - so prove it. It could be the one thing that differentiates you. Do you visit by bicycle for example (in point of fact I got no few jobs because I used my bicycle - it gave me an ability to be on time where others were stuck in traffic!).

    Be warned that you cannot make everyone happy.

    M xx
  • Posted by beycanatalay on Author
    i need a tagline.
  • Posted by SteveByrneMarketing on Member
    True Sparkle Cleaning Services, LLC
    We Clean, Your Free Time is Worth It
  • Posted by Moriarty on Member
    "i need a tagline" now this isn't going to help, is it? Mr Goodman is quite clear:

    "Coming up with a great tagline isn't about finding 5 or 6 words that sound clever/cute. It's about tapping into an idea that will resonate with your target audience"

    We need to know more. See above. Your tagline will be a dragline if you don't help us.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Well, with that name you've chosen no one would ever guess your efforts are limited to "residential and commercial cleaning, " so any tagline has to carry that burden. Try this suggestion on for size: "Serving Residential & Commercial Clients."

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