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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Newsletter Names

Posted by boots on 250 Points
I am working on 3 different internal e-newsletters and I would appreciate some input for catchy, clever and/or funny titles. These will be sent on a quarterly basis.

I work for a shipping, marine and logistics company and my region of responsiblity is for Africa, Russia and Central Asia (ARC).

Newsletter 1 - from Regional Vice President to all staff in ARC (from MD to receptionist. <
Newsletter 2 - from HSSE manager to MDs and departmental managers
Newsletter 3 - from IT manager to MDs and departmental managers
Thank you!

  • Posted by Moriarty on Accepted
    First: why would a newsletter from the Vice President have a funny title? Do you want his staff to think he is a prankster? Somehow I think not.

    More important is for that newsletter to be read. Most newsletters from heads of department fill their intended audience with fear. Either fear of going to sleep reading it, or fear of being told the same thing time and time again. Now: the Vice President isn't stupid and it's unlikely that he's a prankster. He knows things that are important to his company and should be shared, at least at a general level. The same goes for the other managers/directors.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    I too am having a problem understanding the request for "catchy, clever, funny." Isn't this a serious business? Or are the newsletters full of jokes?

    How do the recipients get information now? Will your newsletters replace something else? Why? What's driving the sudden need to have three new newsletters?
  • Posted by boots on Author
    ok well then, forget about "funny" if you find it bothers you...concentrate on catchy and/or clever ;)

    the newsletter is not full of jokes (what company newsletter would be?) but it's is also not intended to be extremely serious or formal as the aim is to engage the reader, not intimidate or bore them. the newsletters will cover 3 different business areas, the need to send them is to ensure that information sharing remains top priority in our business.

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