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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Help Name Our New Golf Club Restaurant!

Posted by Anonymous on 125 Points
Chisel Creek Golf Club is proud to announce the opening of our new clubhouse in 2005. We need your help in naming our new restaurant. The menu is mid-scale specializing in sandwiches and other pub food. The restaurant overlooks the 18th green and part of the driving range. For those golfers out there, help us come up with a creative name with a golfing theme.

  • Posted on Accepted
    "The Edge", connoting advantage (better golf, better food, better life), and also tying in to Chisel.
  • Posted by Michele on Accepted
    How about "The Wedge" - that is both a golfing club and a reference to the size of the sandwiches. Otherwise you could go for the standard 19th Hole.
  • Posted by jillm on Accepted

    Dimples (as in the dimples on the golf ball...)
    Creekside (or Creek Side)
    Creekside Landing
    Putter's (or Putters)
    The Green
    Tea Box (as opposed to Tee Box)
    T's (or Tee's)
    Water Hazards (watering hole...)

    Hope that this helps get the juices flowing!

    - Jill

  • Posted by on Accepted
    As you're featuring pub style food, maybe we could come up with some ideas that combine golf with pub names...

    Just as an aside, I will always remember a wonderful (genuine) pub sign in Glasgow, Scotland that made me fall about laughing every time I saw it. It was "The Muscular Arms..."

    Anyway, here are some along those lines, to set the scene:

    *The Fairway Arms

    *The Club Head

    *The Sand Wedge (ouch! sorry...)

    *The Hole In One

    *The Albatross

    *The Eagle

    *The Birdie

    *The Longest Putt

    *The Chip Shot

    *The Golfer's Arms

    *The Driver's Arms

    *The Putter's Arms

    ...or even,

    *The Tee Caddy (oh stop those puns, please!!)

    Good luck...


  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    "The 18th"
    "The Club House Restaurant
    "The Appleton"
    "Tee Time"
  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Member
    What about simply...

  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Member
    i am not a golfer at all !!

    how about simply.......
    "The 18th" or
    " THe 18th Green"

  • Posted by browncatfan on Accepted
    I was going to send "Chips" but it didn't even occur to me to
    make it "Chip's." I like that one a lot.

    Other possibilities:

    The More Club (Gotta have one weird one.)

    Gimme's (or Gimmy's)

    The Tap Inn



  • Posted by ReadCopy on Member
    k, I like "Fore Food" :-)
  • Posted by mocando on Member
    Chips n' Slices is all I have right now.

    Good luck!
  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    How are you going to make the decision? If we understand the evaluation criteria we may be able to come up with better name suggestions.

    P.S. I've seen several on this list that I like personally, but I'm probably not in your target audience, and I'm not sure my subjective opinion is worth any more than yours (or anyone elses). How are you going to decide on the name? Darts?
  • Posted on Accepted
    Here a few more to ponder:

    Tee for Two
    The Caddyshack
    The 19th Whole
    Open Face
    Uncle Toms
    Shots & Bites
    Where It Ne'r Rains
    Fare Way
    Par for a Course
    Field of Dreams

    Good luck!

  • Posted on Member
    I really like Square Peg's The Caddy Shack.
  • Posted by on Member
    Oooohhhh, yes - something Square Peg said made me think of a great idea for a name ... old fashioned term for a type of golf club:

    "Mashie Niblick's"

    According to my Concise Oxford Dictionary...

    mashie - iron golf club used for lofting or for medium distances

    mashie niblick - club intermediate between mashie and niblick

    niblick - golf club with large, round, heavy head, used especially for playing out of bunkers (sand traps.)


  • Posted on Member
    How about the
    "19th Hole"
    I guess people usually come after the game.

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