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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Tag Line For Internet Dating, Friends And Events

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I have a internet site that will be up in 2 weeks. It is called, "" It is a dating, friends and event site. It is specifically designed for people who have moved to Hawaii from other parts of the world. They can search for others by sex, age, and by state or country. The slang for Hawaii is know as "the rock" (hence the name of the company). Hawaii is the 4th most diverse state in the country and since we are in the middle of the ocean, finding others that live here from your own home state/country is a unique way to feel like at home, since 80% move back to there own home town within a year.
I am looking for a catchy tagline. One roadblock is that I do not want to anger the Hawaiians who live here, although they are not excluded from joining.

  • Posted by jillm on Accepted
    Heh heh -- "Helping you to find the other fish in the sea." (I amuse myself, sorry!) Or, alternatively "Helping you to find the other fish like you in the sea."

    "Find the comforts of home"
    "Friendly faces from home around the rock"
    "Find friendly faces from home around the rock"
    "Helping you to find the comforts of home on the rock"

    I hope that this helps get the juices flowing...

    - Jill
  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Accepted
    milkywayjg *,

    even in basic name creation or "idea generation" establishing a starting point often requires establishing purpose. Taking the steps using the following information below will start, direct and lead that process in the right direction for you.

    Deremiah says...
    A business name should be the out growth of the market you are trying to reach. All names including "A new business name" must have some part or a lot of the following comments also made by my three expert friends who participate in our forum below.

    williamarruda says…
    "Your tag line should be 'catchy' and it should speak directly to your target audience and differentiation. A good place to start is to make a list of all the things that differentiate your offerings from your competitors. Then think about which of those differentiators is compelling to your target audience."

    mgoodman provides these great suggestions...
    "Who is the target audience? That's the most important input we need in order to help you with the name. Once we understand who the target audience is, the next question will be "What is the most important benefit they will realize if they use your service?" What makes you different from and better than your competitors?"

    JBtron offers a great deal of insight on this...
    "To really be successful with this query in KHE, your query demands answers to a number of questions regarding your product that will help guide the naming process:

    -What ARE your USPs? Why would someone go to you v. any of the other businesses?

    -Where are you located?

    -What are the short- and long-term business goals for the company, and how are you going to market this new brand in a very large arena with few real players?

    -What are your company’s Core Proposition and Brand Personality?

    Core Prop: What makes you different? Tagline. USPs in a phrase.


    Bounty: The quicker picker-upper.

    Brand Personality: Describe the product as a person. What is this person’s personality? Outgoing? Vivacious? Mysterious? Is this person an over-achiever? Friendly?

    All these will lead to a series of statements, attributes and directions that are called a Creative Brief. With the properly developed Created Brief, virtually anyone can come up with a name that works."

    This will get us started. By completely answering these questions it would make it much easier to provide you with a name that provokes your clientele to seek your business out over the others. Is there anything else I can do for you?

    Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE (Customer Passion Evangelist)
  • Posted on Accepted
    Fimiliar faces on the rock.

    Friends from home on the rock.

    Friends from home on the rock
  • Posted on Accepted
    under every rock

    look under the rock

    rocks around the world

    rocking friends

    all the corners of the rock

    heart of rock

    rock deep down

    once a rock always a rock

    sorry this is my 1st attempt at this brainstorming!hope something helped :)

    p.s. why is the site"not from the rock"?they are from the rock not just living on the rock,right?
    sorry i am from greece and might be confused but just wanted to mention it as it struck me as odd.

  • Posted by Deremiah *CPE on Member
    Here you go milkywayjg *,

    (The following is a play on words off of the "Connect the Dot" concept. Purpose is to connect lives together, fill in the missing link)


    Rock Out

    What's Rockin'

    Rockin Relationships

    Relationships Rock


    Rocknet Relationships


    Kinetic Relationships

    Kinetic Rock

    Kinetic Energy

    Kinetic Him Her-G


    5-4-3-2-1 Contact!

    Is there anything else I can do for you? "Another Smash-Hit Brain Storm byderemiah"

    Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE (Creating Passionate Experiences)

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