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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Looking For Real Estate Slogan Advice

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hi, I am a fairly new Agent (2 years)in an area that is appreciating very fast. I have alot of experience in the first time homebuyer market and am looking to become more dimentional and expand. I am working on new marketing compaign and trying to come up with slogan. I honelsty have true integrity with my clents and often become friends with the most of them after the transactioin. I relate well to others and have a true passion for helping others that I think is very evident in my past relationships with clients. Trying to come up with something that Would set a tone for my integrity. I have a colleague who trademarked "When it Matters Most" I kind of like that but think I can do better.

I also thought up "Where Dreams Take Flight" Incorporated with a scene of ducks taking off but after thought seems Cheezy.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Accepted

    Many agents try to avoid fist time buyers (they take more time, often spend less…) So - a past client of mine focused on fist time buyers by offering free classes. He sold close to 100 homes a year focusing on just first timers. His higher end business also grew when these same buyers wanted to sell and then buy bigger homes.

    If you have a knack for helping these new buyers – Great – promote it! Don’t forget to send quarterly postcards/newsletters... to keep in touch with past clients. In 3-5 years many of these people will likely "move up." I believe you can build a lasting career by serving first timers well, and keeping them as repeat customers.

    Some slogan ideas,

    A friendly guide though the home buying (selling) process
    A real-estate guide you can trust.
    Your home buying expert.
    Your first home expert.
    I love helping people find their first home.

    Making the home buying process simple.
    You'll have a friend in the real-estate business
    The only agent you ever need.
    Help when you need it.

    Other ideas,

    Integrity - It matters
    Integrity in the home buying/selling business
    Where your dreams come home
    Integrity on your team
    A foundation built on trust.

    Hopefully these will spark some ideas,
    Good luck,
  • Posted on Accepted
    i am actualy doing just thi for a local Scandiavian realtor... what we looked into here was what the customer wants, needs and expects from a realtor... too many real esate agents gets a prospect, and go straight out into the marked and stir up some prospects....

    what i believe is the first thing any realtor shoud do, is to EARN the trust from his clients.. it means taking extra time to get to know the clients, and making them understand that you are not only out to find the buyer that will buy for the highest sum.. but the combination of highest bidder and BEST fitted buyer.... remember that most people have an affective belonging to their house\apr .. there are many memories there...
    if you can get them to see that you are there FOR them.. not just IN there for them.... then you have done a great job... this is exactly what we did with our realtor... now.. the slogan we came up with, wich works like a goldmine is
    " XXXXX real estate - your LOYAL agent "

  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    hi there

    how about these....

    "You Trust Me, when it matters most"

    "Your Trusted Realtor"

    "YOur Loyal Realtor"

    hope that helps.


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