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Topic: Taglines/Names

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I Need Tag Lines For Mental Health Counseling Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Alliance Counseling & Consulting provides mental health counseling and consulting services. We also provide assessment services such as : Psychological Evaluations, Home Evaluations, and Vocational Evaluations.
I need help coming up with an all -inclusive name that describes our services.

  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    It sounds like you have a name already. Perhaps it's the tagline you want. Either way ...

    You have a two-edged sword facing you. People with mental health issues don't generally like the idea of walking into a place called "Mental Health Counseling." Our society has a terrible bias against people with those kinds of illnesses, and most patients are either in denial or ashamed of their illness.

    On the other hand, you'd like your name/tagline to tell your target audience what it is you offer -- the benefit of coming in, or calling you, for help.

    If you insist on a new name/tagline, you need to focus on the description of wellness that will resonate with your target audience ... words and phrases like "grounded," enjoying life," "at peace with yourself," etc., come to mind. The problem is that those smack of New Age and may be unbelievable to many patients (who either will say "I don't need that," or "nobody can give me that").

    My vote would be to stick with Alliance Counseling and Consulting, and save the "tagline" words for a face-to-face meeting. I've done a lot of consulting with professional practices of different kinds, and yours is not a specialty where hype or "advertising-ese" goes over very well. In fact it can backfire.

    My suggestion would be to adopt a highly professional stance and let your good work generate word-of-mouth referrals. If you find "Alliance C&C" too boring, it may be just the right name for your practice. You're not the target audience. Just create a classy logo and leave it at that.

    You never mentioned WHY you want a name/tagline. What's the objective? What is the real need/problem we're trying to solve? (Asked like a true Rogerian psychiatrist, eh?)
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    My gut reaction is that the logo is too casual. It looks like it could be used for a restaurant or a club or a vacation spot. It doesn't look professional and serious.

    When you had it designed, did you give the graphics person a creative brief that described the look and feel you wanted? I think that if it didn't say "highly professional" and "sensitive/confidential," you probably can't blame the designer.

    My input would be to try again on the logo ... either with better direction to the designer or with a designer who understands the marketing role a logo needs to play in a professional practice.

    If you want a referral to a graphic designer who has done this sort of thing dozens of times before, contact me privately and I'll be glad to give you a couple of names. It's too bad you have to go through the effort and expense twice, but if you're not totally comfortable with what you have, you probably need to do it over again.

    The logo is going to be a large part of your marketing, so you don't want to take it lightly or have a logo that connotes the wrong image for your practice.

    Another thought: There are several marketing professionals in the "Hire an Expert" section of the MarketingProfs site who might be able to help you with the logo design project. Click on "Post a Project" in the column at the right, and you'll hear from those who are capable with a request to bid.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I have done marketing before for behavioral health services. I agreee with much of what mgoodman says, but would suggest that there are a lot of important and good tag lines that you can use to great effect. Play up some of the benefits you offer. For instance, I had great success in marketing a comprehensive behavioral health service in part by using the tag line "The only decision you have to make is to pick up the phone." This tag was designed to get past some reluctance we found some people had to calling for counselling because they didn't know what was wrong with them so they didn't know if they needed to call a marriage counsellor, a substance abuse program, or an inpatient program. Other tagline themes you could focus on would include confidentiality, convenience, reassurance, etc. All of those are rather soft benefits, but apporpriate for behavioral health.

    Regarding the name of your organization, I agree that your current name is fine. If you want to be more discrete, you could call it a counselling center or a behavioral health center. My experience would advise you to stay away from terms like wellness and mind-body-spirit as they mean a lot of things these days and are fairly over used!

    I hope this helps!


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