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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Slogan For A Guide Dog School -

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Our dilemma is that we are trying to come up with a slogan or tag line for our company. our company provides guide dogs to the blind. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do it with a very small student-instructor ratio of 3:1. substantially lower than any other school and that we provide a family environment. Our school has had some financial difficulties and we are rising from the ashes. We have some walk-a-thons coming up and our first one is in July and we wanted to have something catchy on our shirts. Our previous walk-a-thons have been called Paws for Freedom and some folks think that line is a bit obscure.

I tried out a line on a TV interviews and said "essentially what we do is change dog at a time." it stuck with folks who called to say they saw me on TV. Changing Lives one dog a time". We now have folks saying that changing lives is ok, but "one dog at a time" is cliche. so here are some other things that folks thought of to be used with our logo. however we are looking for something we could use both verbally and in print. HELP....HELP....HELP.....we are beginning to get nasty with each other about what we should or shouldn't use.

Taking The Time To Care
Taking Time To Change Lives
Taking Time. Changing Lives.
Taking Time To Guide Lives
Guiding Lives. Taking Time To Care.
Taking The Time & Guiding From The Heart
It's Time To Guide With The Heart
Taking Time To Guide With The Heart

Taking the time can be a talking point, but I really don't see it as a "slogan" because it doesn't say much about what we take the time to do. Our mission statement reads: "Providing highly trained guide dogs to the blind, the elderly blind and the blind with disabilities." The line on the inner circle of our logo says: providing independent mobility to the blind. see our website

Any assistance you can provide us will be GREATLY appreciated.......

  • Posted on Accepted
    I actually like Changing Lives One Dog at a Time. Here are some variations for you to consider:

    "Guiding Lives One Dog At A Time"
    "Changing Lives with the wag of a tail"
    "More than a guide dog, more than a training school"
    "Helping People Regain Mobility with Love and a Cold Wet Nose" (maybe more of an ad slogan or a T-shirt slogan)
    "Helping People Regain Mobility with Love and a Wagging Tail"
    "Leading People Back to Mobility"
    "Guiding People Back to Mobility"

    I hope this helps!

  • Posted by mbarber on Accepted
    I also like the changing lives one dog at a time. I'm wondering if the people who feel it is a cliche are too close to the business? The majority of people drawn to you to sponsor or donate will see your slogan less often and therefore not see it as a cliche at all. Remember that we often become bored of our own image long before the public does.

    Anyway, potential slogans to add to the mix should you really want to discard the one dog at a time link:

    'One person's dog is another person's perspective'

    'It's a dogs life - but someone's gotta do it!'

    'Guide Dogs - the sight for sore eyes'

    'Guide dogs - the sight for poor eyes'

    'Our Vision - more guide dogs'
  • Posted on Member
    In my personal venacular, a slogan is something that you use for a significant period of time. It is part of your branding campaign. In other words, you are "stuck" with it for years. A tagline is something that is used in a promotional campaign, donor letter, event promotions, etc. It is more focused on a specific message. It may also be around for years but will tend to be more narrowly used than a slogan.

    I hope this helps!

  • Posted by marketingsmartly on Member
    A cliche is a "proven wisdom". You had an excellent tagline stay with it and ignore the naysayers. They are not your audience.

  • Posted by KSA on Member

    I like Changing lives one dog at a time, also. But, in order for it to be effective, you do need support for it.

    Maybe a vote would help - but I'd suggest asking your audience, which may not be just your board and volunteers, unless they represent all your contributors.

    I'd get a short list of slogan/tag lines together and email it to your supporters - representatives of the group you want to contribute to your cause and participate in your events. Ask them to vote. And, get a commitment from everyone involved internally to support the results.

    My own contribution if you make a change:

    Guide Dogs - Living, Breathing Independence

    Good Luck!


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