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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Play On Words ~ Fun & Catchy Name For Consignment

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
What is in a name? In search of a catchy name possibly a play on words to name my shop to-be and also to incorporate into a tagline. Primary focus is consignment & resale of children's clothing newborn to size 10. Demographics range from low income to upper class.

I do not want to limit the shop by it's name entirely if say the resale of children's furniture, toys etc take off better than the clothing. I intend to cater to the more affluent upscale brands with an originally heftier price tag as well as some tried and true like the B*by G*p etc.

I love play on words as they leave the person with a familiar thought ~ trying to stray from negative associations but still be witty & fun.

I was rolling on the floor in laughter over the UK Shop's Worst names like The Vinyl Resting Place, Burger Off, and Thai Tanic, or perhaps even Sherwood Florist. Some others that are in use but great are SaksThriftAvenue
Dandy Lion

Ideas anyone?

  • Posted by browncatfan on Member
    Do Overs
    Twice's Good
    Come Buy Again
    Two Times Too
    Kid Around
    No News/Good News
    New To You
    Old Friends
    Save and Rave
    The Comeback Kid!
  • Posted on Author
    Bee Mine
    Children's Consignment

    *Come see what all the buzz is about!
    *Too good to Bee used!
    *Won't you be mine?

  • Posted by Puru Gupta on Accepted
    Regarding your last post, I think the taglines and name might not be pertinent to the intended communication, since it has more to do with "Kids" than any "Buzz in the market"... You are definitely alluding to curiosity, but where is the Target Segment in picture?

    Since you do not want to restrict to any product line, you can remove that from the name, but the core target - the Children - they need to be brought into the focus area..

    Few Suggestions:

    - "My Nerz" - (minors)
    - "Tomorrow('s) Clever Buys" - (for Resale Items!)
    - "Simba's Den"
    - "Joyride"
    - "Kid-o-Sphere"
    - "Tyke Aways"
    - "Kid-a-Blanca"

    Hope this helps!
  • Posted on Author
    My husband suggested Do & the others suggested don't seem to be "the name"...

    Wouldn't Come buy again not be pertinent either?
    Yikes...this is harder than I thought!
  • Posted by NoStressXpress on Member
    Previously Worn & Not Torn but Just Outgrown
    Childrens Clothing That's As New as a Newborn

    Your are right! This is very hard indeed.

  • Posted on Author
    Bee Mine Kid Consign

    Implying that the customer will want things from my store to "bee" theirs ~ identifies that it is for Kids ~ and lets them know it is consignment....what do you think?!
  • Posted on Member
    I am also thinking about opening a children's consignment store... need some opinions on a name... what do you all think of
  • Posted on Member
  • Posted on Member
    Too good to be threw
    Once upon a child- its a chain, but might spark an idea
    Back on the Rack

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