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Topic: Taglines/Names

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In Need Of A Name For My Jewelry Party Business

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
I need help coming up with a name for my in-home jewelry party business as well as a possible catalogue and website in the future. My jewelry is imported from Nepal and India.

I prefer a name that is not too ethnic but more modern, although the main competition in my region is known as Silpada Designs. My designs are much like Silpada's ( in style, quality but more competitively priced.

The jewelry is sterling silver with semi-precious stones (garnet, peridot, citrine, pearl, amethyst, etc) and much like that found in higher-end retail stores. My target customer is the woman who shops in these higher-end stores.

My business is unique in that women do not have to order their selections from a catalogue and wait for delivery as in most home party companies. My jewelry parties will allow them to choose their items, try them on and leave with them that evening. They shop in a fun, informal atmosphere alongside their friends or neighbors.

I know there's a creative person out there that can help name my business......I'm a casual, simplistic, spiritual and nature loving person. I love color, the ocean, beaches, mountains and gardening if that helps!

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  • Posted on Accepted
    Sparkling Affair; GemFest; Diamond Do; Bauble Ball;
  • Posted by ReadCopy on Accepted
    Mmm, two considerations here, do we choose a name that explains what you do, or provide a tagline that does that for us.

    As wht you do is extremely personal in nature and to your clients, almost like professional services, I would be tempted to use your name in the name of the business and let that do the marketing for you.

    [name] Designs
    Planet [name]
    [name] Jewelry
    [name] Silver Boutique
    [name] Gems
    [name] Popular Jewelry
    [name] Silver

    Good Luck
  • Posted on Accepted
    If you name includes jewelry designs in the title you could use this as a tagline
    "Come for a relaxing evening with friends and leave with a new love"
    however, you want to make sure everyone can tell from your name that it is jewelry and NOT a hook-up service ;)
    I know for myself that for many people picking a new high end jewelry is a very perosonal experience and they are very excited to find soething they love.
    If you want to keep it simple this may work for a tagline
    "You can take it with you"
    hope this helps :)
  • Posted on Member
    hey the msg is for Lafter40. I am a resident in NJ and want to know more about your business. Can you send me your website?

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