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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Slogan For Power Company

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
hi Everybody.

I work for an power company which is celebrating its 40 year anniversary soon and we are lookign for a new slogan. All suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.

  • Posted on Accepted

    Hope you'll share the limelight if one of these is picked. How 'bout ...

    Celebrating 40 Years of Enlightened Power

    Powering Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

    Excellence in Energy

    Providing Efficient Power Solutions for 40 Years

    Delivering Smart Power Solutions for 40 Years
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Why are you looking for a new slogan? What's the objective?

    How will you know when we've come up with the right one? What criteria will you use to sort through the options and make your decision?

    Also, it would probably help if we knew a little bit about the company ... like where you're located, what the name is, what the company objectives are, etc. Coming up with a slogan in a vacuum is pretty tough.
  • Posted by admin on Accepted

    Power to the People


    Like without Us, there would be total darkness, Dude!
  • Posted on Member
    Hello lee1lauren ,
    Here are my thoughts

    Celebrating 40 years of superb services. We will slash your energy cost. We are a community based company who knows how to power up your life. Choose us today!!

  • Posted on Member
    Not enough to power you up for 40 years;
    Frankly, we're looking for more!
  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Member
    Hay!!!! You are only allowed ONE account on this site!!!! If you want to ask more questions and dont have enough points you can either buy some OR answer some questions.

    Also are you just taking th names and repackageing them? If you are thats NOT what this service is for.
  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Member
    Sorry if i sounded rude. Might have been a gremlin in the system.

    What happened was i got 2 emails alerting me to new postings on the forum, they were the SAME question but asked by different people.

    But when i arrived on the site YOUR question was a different question, but was VERY similar in wording with it briefness.

    We have had one or two people that kept asking for slogans and repackaging them as there own work and charging a lot of money to there clients. When they were asked to stop they just set up another account and asked again.

    Again i am sorry, please don't let me tarnish your view of KHE.
  • Posted by pavanpadaki on Accepted
    Here are some thoughts:

    1)40 and Energitic!

    2)40 and growing stronger!

    3)Service to the Power of forty

    I think the 3rd option is apt , clever and reassuring too. Strongly recommend this.

    Pavan Padaki
    brand consultant-India

  • Posted by SRyan ;] on Accepted
    I've got it!

    Your staying power.

    Or, a longer version...

    After 40 years, we're your staying power.
  • Posted on Accepted
    40 years of power.

    With you always since 1965

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