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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Need A Brand Name And Tagline For Bottled Water.

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
We are about to introduce and launch imported bottled water in a highly competitive and growing market. However, all existing brands are providing local water with various treatment features. Our USP is imported quality water at a local price. With this idea, we need a very special tagline to catch the attention and attract consumers, as they will be enjoying a high quality product at the cost of local. The brand name too should be as unique as the positioning of our brand.

  • Posted on Member
    Valeur (French for worth)

    European quality, down home value.

  • Posted by michelletrex on Accepted
    I think you should go for a place name so people know instantly it is imported. I googled and found that Bahrain has natural springs as an example.

    You could also make up a name that reminds people of a real place. For example..

    Salah Natural Springs
    We bring the finest water home to you.

    Salah Oasis Water - goodness everyday

    By using the word 'home' or 'everyday' it creates an impression of affordablity.

    Good luck

  • Posted by rob on Member
    I'm sorry, but you are this far down the road and you don't have a name yet? That sounds very troublesome to me. It's going to take at least a few weeks to clear any name through a copyright attorney. And if you've left this to the last minute, what else might there be?

    And I'd like to know more about your 'brand positioning' and target audience before I start throwing out names.
  • Posted by Lejla on Accepted
    As I could understand from your question, you are talking about source or mineral water, and not about processed water. If this is a case, that is at the beginning one advantage for you because your market is dominated by processed water.

    I made some researches on bottled water, and found out that it is hard to take a significant part of the market with the "foreign" brand name, unless you will import a waters such as perrier, evian etc. So my proposal would be some local name or some general name (for example like AquaFina has). You should communicate pure and clean taste and natural filtration through the earth, picking up the goodness of Earth without being touched by man. Circulating for centuries among the rocks, each drop of it has been absorbing variety of mineral components, picking up its goodness and energy from Nature. Consumption occassions are different: on the go, out of home situations, in which environment the consumer is exposed to the on-going changes and challenges that life brings. The out of home situation also offers the possibility of brand recognition, as it does matter what kind of water brand you ‘wear’, you have in hand.

    I hope this will be helpful to you.


  • Posted by rob on Member
    So, you are targeting everyone. So, why not just call it FreshWater?

  • Posted by browncatfan on Accepted
    If the things you say about treatment and reprocessing are common knowledge, your water ought to highlight that difference above all.


    Fresh Source
    Pure from the very beginning.

    Imported Spring
    Water wthout worry.

    Fresh Wave.
    Good, clean refreshment.

    Far and Away.
    The freshest water you can find.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Okay again we're forgetting an important factor. The mentality of the buyers!!! According to syed's brief on the product and the market, it's crystal clear that the more foreign the product seems to be the more it'd definetly sell THUS we'd definetly exclude the option of having a local name 'cause it'd directly give them the impression of a local brand.

    Okay now onto the analysis, now you did mention Nestle being in the market and to my assumption it's one of the market leaders, not due to it's source of water but rather brand. Taking an example of a specific market in the region, that had launched recently a new water brand by Coca Cola (Dasani); this specifc case, it wasn't the brand company that made it successful but on the contrary, most didn't know who was behind the scene; what made it successful was it's unique bottle design and color, it was available in a crystal blue bottle which gave it uniqueness off shelves.

    I personally think the name would definetly be essential but what'd be more important than that, would be it's packaging i.e the bottle. It needs to be eye catchy, unique and attractive. The buying power of the consumers reflects product quality 'yes' but let's be down the line, the source of water would be knowledge I wouldn't care less for.

    What you really need to do is understand the buying power of the consumer in local market. If I were you, I'd launch a marketing research to have better knowledge of the market. A question that I'd want to ask would be " Why would you buy X brand and not Y?"
    and maybe something like " Do you always buy Brand X?" ...

    Again a note to keep in mind, everyone knows Nestle is international, even though it's source could be local, but still perceived in most cases by the market as import thus not making you unique. Ask yourself a question, when was the last time (before you decided to introduce a new water product) you grabed a bottle of water and read all the writtings on the back???? I assume almost never, and I betcha, that'd be the same case with the majority of the population. Live the truth that Middle Eastern cosumers aren't as health conscious as other regions.

    Okay, I think I've made myself a little clear on my point. Onto your positioning statement. I'd be simple, if value is what the consumers are looking for then I'll place it simple " ROYALTY" I'd position this product as the "royalty of all water - diamond sold at an affordable price that any class could afford" simple and straight forward. Give it a slick design packaging with a golden touch, to it small pieces of diamonds filled all over with a tagline that'd say " When diamond becomes water" ...and magically, you've got those competitors worrying ... that could give you one hell of an emotional creative direction in your campaign. And to come to think of it, it'd fit so well with the lower classes where they'd feel unique by simply purchasing that golden / royal water bottle. Do you get my flow of thinking?

    Anyways, to cut a long story short, here a few names you could go for under the umbrella of my personal proposition:

    "Golden Falls"
    " Diaqua" - When diamond becomes water
    " Ever Fresh" A king and queens quench

    there's a lot you can come up with under that direction.

    Well, guess that's it for me, Good Luck, hope I helped out in anyway.

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