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Title For A Customer Appreciation Dinner

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A client of mine is having his 2nd annual customer appreciation dinner in March. It is the day before Easter and is themed as such (bunnies, springtime, eggs, the whole bit). He is still deciding on locations. I'd like a cute title to put on the invitations he'll be sending out. So far, it's just a BBQ dinner with prize giveaways and a visit from the easter bunny for the kids. Here are the locations he's considering and some titles I've come up with for each. I'd like a little feedback and some of your ideas (Don't worry, cheesy is really ok with him!) By the way, his name is Bob. Thanks!!

Historic Train Depot: Bob's Bunny Hop at the Train Stop
(Not sure I like this, since I think it implies it's a dance)

BBQ Restaurant: Bob's Easter BBQ (lame)

Large western style dance hall: Bob's Easter Shindig

You can see I'm stumped :) Thanks in advance!
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  • Posted by Mushfique Manzoor on Accepted
    hi Bonnie

    great names so far, how about these...

    "Bunny Bob's BBQ"

    "Easter Eggstravaganza"

    "Bob's BBQ Party"

    "Have your Easter egg and share it too" (too big a name)

    "'Whats Up doc?' Its Bob Bunny" (taking cue from bugs bunny)

    hope that helps.


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