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Do These Company Names Have Good Karma?

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I thought of some company names based on my previous post and I'm hoping I can get some good responses on these company name ideas. I would appreciate if you could respond along the thinking of these questions: Are the names easy to remember? What would your top picks be for a computer support company that focuses on medical practices but wants to expand to other small businesses? Thanks

Compayuda Solutions
Procor Support
Entalk Technologies
StandardCare Technologies
Brillantech Support
Cheridan Technologies
Briotech Support :) j/k
Azul Technologies
Hazel Technologies

(Any better IS company words than solutions, technologies, or support?)
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    I have to agree with Steve. Most computer companies use a combination of words that no one can really remember one from the other. Remember to KISS -- keep it simple. "Just Reboot" sounds good to me. Brilliantech has possibilities, but sounds kind of arrogant or intimidating. Maybe something more subtle like "Smart Tech" or "PC Lit Techs".
    Just my thoughts. Hope you get more.

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