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Infant T-shirt Tagline Needed

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
My company name is milobaby.
I design and sell infant t-shirts that are not your usual 'cutesy' sayings.
In the same token, they are not crossing the line.
They are right in the middle.
Designs that your child can wear everyday, but that your grandmother might think not so cute, does that make sense?
ex/ 'I cry a lot' is one of the sayings.

So, I'd like to to be something about parenting with honesty, but that doesn't sound good at all to me!
Can anyone help?

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  • Posted by michael on Member
    "Truth with a Tee"

    "Frank 'n Sense"

    "Parenting with your eyes open"


  • Posted by DougM on Member
    Blunt Baby Blips
  • Posted by DougM on Member
    MiloBaby - cuz a little 'tude' goes a long way!
  • Posted by Ghost Writer on Member
    - Short sayings

    - What your kids are really thinking

    - Toddler T's with 'Tude!

    - Going beyond cute

    - Laughing your diaper off!

    - The baby clothes with an edge

  • Posted by DougM on Member
    Milobaby - Life through the eyes of a child!

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