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Can I Use Ms Outlook For Email Marketing?

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Hi All,

I am wondering if I could use MS Outlook to do my email marketing, newsletter to start with. If I have collected 'n' amount of email adds, can I use MS Outlook? What are the pros & cons? Is there any reasonable software for us to use if Outlook is not good enough? We are a small company.
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  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Accepted
    This has been asked and answered many times before, try searching the archives:

    But the quick answer is NO if you can help it. This is because it will be impossible to track open rates, handle subscriptions etc etc, also if you send a few hundred emails at a time that are all the same they will be considered spam and you company will be open to legal problems.

    If you have time to send each mail separately, and handle new subscribers and removing of dead address and unsubcribing issues then by all means give it ago.

    BUT I think your time will be much better spent doing work on other things instead of just keeping the list up to date. If you can justify keeping the list up to date (read a LOT of time and effort), instead of doing you other duties

    It is also recommended that you don't use software and get a hosted solution. They do all the work for you, all you need to do is put the news letter together, and tell them to send it.

    Have a look at the marketing profs email vendor selector
  • Posted by michael on Member
    I've used it before and it's not bad. Depends on if you're working on 50,000 or 500 e-mail addresses.

    Also, the views in "preview" pane don't always come through as read, but often as deleted. So if you send 50,000 (better have some relationship with these people) and you get 50,000 reciepts of some kind, is your system going to overload?

  • Posted on Member
    As Michael said its not that bad.Even i do Email marketing but yeah it depends how many are on your list 500 or 5,000.
    My DSL provider is earthlink and they dont let you send bulk it depends on your ISP also.As for Tracking you could use some management tool which are not very expensive.One such tool that i know of is NOVAMANAGE its basic service is free and if you like you can upgrade it too.

    Good Luck...Hope this helps
  • Posted on Member
    Actually, now you can use Outlook to do your email marketing. We created PoliteMail, an Outlook add-in software that allows you to create templates, send 1to1 messages to lists, and track emails right from Outlook without leaving your inbox. We allow you to use your own authentic server to send mail, just as you normally would from Outlook, or you can use our server to overcome certain limitations as Preet mentioned. PoliteMail also offers tools to manage your mailing lists, opt-outs and bounces.

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