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Can Email Marketing Help Me While My Site Has Just

Posted by lingo1357 on 125 Points

I am a designer and I just launched my website. I wanted to use email marketing to increase customers and increase traffic to my site. This is despite the fact that I do not have any customer email address. Is it possible that I can still use email marketing?


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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Without any customer email addresses it's going to be very difficult to mount a successful email campaign. You could probably buy a list, but it could get expensive. Why not spend that money instead on a search marketing effort and drive your target audience directly to your website or to a custom-built landing page?

    Who and where is your primary target audience? What compelling benefit can they expect if/when they do whatever you want them to do?
  • Posted by lingo1357 on Author
    Do you mean I spend the money on google ads words?
    Can you explain exactly what you mean and how I increase the traffic of my site?
  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    Yes, I would probably recommend you spend the money on Google Adwords. Of course this depends on your target audience, industry, competition, etc. And on your objective. Google Adwords is usually the fastest, surest way to drive traffic to your site.

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