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Ideas On Online Marketing Proposal Structure

Posted by StarsDie on 250 Points
Greetings everyone

I need to prepare 5 online marketing consulting proposals for SME and StartUps. I used to work with consumer goods, and of course used some online marketing tools. But basically online marketing services is a new market for me. I performed a competitive and SWOT anayses and have a deeper understanding of the field now. But there are so many different services and they often overlapse.
I am trying to group them correspondingly to make 5 distinctive proposals. Maybe someone could help me, any ideas are highly appreciated, thank you in any case.
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Accepted
    As you are probably aware, developing a good proposal (i.e., one that has a high probability of being accepted) has as much to do with understanding the target audience as describing your skills and requirements.

    Searching for the ideal generic proposal is likely to prove futile.
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    I may be missing something here but based on your words:
    “I need to prepare 5 online marketing consulting proposals for SME and StartUps … But there are so many different services and they often overlapse (sic). I am trying to group them correspondingly to make 5 distinctive proposals”,
    I am not exactly clear on your objective.

    As I understand your need, you want to prepare five marketing consulting options for sale to SME and StartUp clients as your revenue source. But essentially, the options will be based on differing configurations of commercially available online marketing tools.

    The first question is that many of the platforms you want to use in your five options will also provide the same services you want to provide. You will need to resolve that issue if you are using another company’s proprietary software for commercial gain.

    Then there is the question of identifying your target SME and StartUps. This is not a simple task as there are no nicely categorised lists of SME and StartUps. There are such lists in existence, but they are usually on platforms of companies that help SME and StartUps and consequently, they would most probably take exception to you trying to poach their clients.

    Perhaps you could explain your commercial objectives in more detail. Sometimes, requests for assistance that are expressed too broadly just raise more questions.
  • Posted by StarsDie on Author
    Thank you mgoodman and chiron34 for your input.
    I agree we won't find the ideal generic proposal.
    Although the task was to prepare five "proposals", it is actually 5 marketing consulting options, like you have mentioned.
    This is to give customers the idea of what we can offer.
    We are a group of companies specializing in different marketing services, each having already their own customers. The aim is to be able to provide a wider range of online marketing services for already existing customers - and of course finding new clients - using the copartnership services. If there's some services that we miss, we hope to find a few more partner companies, as we work on broadening the list of partners. Or if no, then just use the online available tools.
    So basically I need to configure 5 sets of services that can provide a general idea of which services we offer.
    Of course, the final proposal depends on the needs of the customer and it's flexible. We can sure just list everything we can offer in a long list, and it will be in any case available for the customers to choose from.
    And these 5 options is to give customers a general overview, user-friendly form.
    Hope it's a bit clearer now. Thank you.
  • Posted by StarsDie on Author
    Allright. I have organized it somehow... I will keep the question open for a few days, maybe I'll need a little help on the way. Have a nice weekend :)
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Instead of trying to come up with a menu, how about creating a brief questionnaire that would match your services with their needs? This would allow for customization, and ideally a follow up discussion to go over the ROI of such services for your prospects?
  • Posted by chiron34 on Accepted
    Jay has very nicely articulated the conclusion that I was leading into on the basis of the foreseen difficulties in getting the attention of your target SME and StartUps to your five options. As a target group, they cover many different industries and industry subsectors and as well, there is great difficulty from an operational or marketing point of view in getting to startups at an appropriate stage in their development where they would be in a position (financially or operationally) to retain your firm. Those practical and administrative obstructions lead inevitably to the point that perhaps you are responding to a perceived problem that can be circumvented with a completely different approach. You need to carefully consider Jay's suggestion. It seems to cover your situation from a number of angles: practicality, operational, marketing, administration, cost and useful client feedback.
  • Posted by StarsDie on Author
    Oh thank you so much Jay and chiron34.
    For the website, you mean? Like for onboarding?
    I have developed such a questionnaire, with questions pertaining to the industry, competition, customers, budget, success goals and so on, but was thinking to give it after the first contact by email or on the first meeting, in order to customize the strategy. But it didn't occur to me to place it on the website! There, we only have a contact form for inquiry, which is short and easy to fill in, but there are no actually "cool" questions.
    And you suggest to place a more profound questionnaire right on the website, right? Shall we make it instead of a shorter form, or in addition to it?
    Thanks once again, very much appreciated.
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Why not try putting the questionnaire on the website itself? Then, email them the first cut list of appropriate services, with a followup free consultation to review their needs in detail to ensure your recommendations are on-target.
  • Posted by StarsDie on Author
    I love the idea! I already see how it may look!
    I'm used to working with consumer goods, and they have to be presented right on the website, and then you can discuss everything else.
    And here you can lead a potential customer to the selection of products in the process. This is interesting, thank you very much, Jay!
  • Posted by StarsDie on Author
    Hi everyone
    I figured everything out (at least for now, but there is still a lot of new things for me), thank you very very much to everyone who shared their ideas and critical comments, you helped me a lot.
    Awarding points, closing question.
    Have a nice weekend, ciao :)

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