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Topic: Taglines/Names

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I Need A Tag Line For A Day Spa & Salon

Posted by Anonymous on 500 Points
The name of my Day Spa is Destiny Day Spa & Salon.
We are relocating to an upscale location and we will be considered a destination day spa & salon.
The location is on the Red River "The louisiana Boardwalk" Located in Bossier City, La.
We offer Full Salon services, Massage Therapy, Facials, Bodywraps, Manicures, pedicures, tanning, and many more spa services. We specialize in half day to full day packages. I want a Tag line that pulls the client in. Our customer service is impeccable and is sure to leave the client in total bliss.

  • Posted on Member
    Destiny Day Spa and Salon - The destination for health and beauty
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    Kristitift, welcome to KHE.

    Congratulations to you. I have a question, however. Other than the Red River "The Louisiana Boardwalk" do you propose to become a 'destination'?

    Are you the destination, or is the boardwalk the destination? If it is the boardwalk, and not Destiny, you have different issues. What is the purpose of the "Boardwalk" as a destination?

    Is it restaurants, rides?

    Please help me to help you.

  • Posted on Member
    "Accept your reward"
    "Get what's coming to you"
    "Your fortune, found"
  • Posted by MonMark Group on Member
    OK, kristitift, I have been thinking for hours about this, and have come up with:

    Destiny Day Spa & Salon
    For Every Body

    Destiny Day Spa & Salon
    Where Your Body Meet Your Soul

    Destiny Day Spa & Salon
    Body and Soul...Together

    Following your criteria, this is a tough one. I hope you have found something you like, or that you have gotten your creative gray matter moving in the right direction.

    All the Best.

  • Posted on Member
    Spa and saloon is meant for refreshment, cleanliness etc etc. Itís also meant to create a New YOU in YOU (Customers), it has to be something spiritual when your customers get your service.

    Why donít you try some of these?

    Destiny Day Spa & Salon: Dignify your body and Soul
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon: Rejuvenate to stand out of rest
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon: Hottest SPA at your service
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon: Get the Blond look to your body and Soul
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon: Unmatched Style
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon: To rejuvenate your body and Soul
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon: Get ready to polish
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon: Make you feel Warmth

  • Posted on Member
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon- Immerse Yourself in Luxury
  • Posted on Member
    I actually really like the "where every body is meant to be"...I feel that people will find it clever and a little comical at the same time. It goes right along with your name of Destiny, and the boardwalk is a vacation spot that people want to go to when they need an escape. I really think that you should stick to your original tag line.
  • Posted on Member
    Desitiny Day Spa and Salon - when you deserve to be indulged and pampered

    Desitny Day Spa and Salon - when life leaves you needing to be indulged and pampered

    Desitny Day Spa and Salon - where even a brief escape of indulgement will leave you in a state of utter bliss

    - Don Flynn
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Member
    I like tying in the Boardwalk to your tag... it lets people know where to find you.

    Destiny Day Spa & Salon:
    Another reason to visit the Louisiana Boardwalk
    You'll find your destiny on the Boardwalk
    Enjoy a day on the boardwalk
    A perfect compliment to a day at the boardwalk
    Relax on the Louisiana Boardwalk
    Pamper yourself at the Boardwalk

    Good Luck,
  • Posted on Member
    Hello Kristi

    I would like to volunteer my humble brain share. Would you like to enlighten me to some of the USPs of ur spa? Reason I'm asking is that would like to craft the tagline more in sync with ur USP, given u will hv a competitor' coming in your neighborhood.

    As as start, below please find some top of mind thoughts:

    Take hold of you Destiny

    Get the Best of Both Worlds (pun intended : shopping + spa ; spa + salon)

    A Day in Heaven on Earth

  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Member
    Just my two cents...

    You could use a "boardwalk" tag for now and change it if needed in the future.... (it is Ok to update a tag line every few years) When you have a great upscale location, I would capiltalize on it.

  • Posted on Member
    here are some more word play options:

    Destiny Day Spa & Salon
    The SPAlendid way to spend your day!
    The SPAlendid way to love yourself today!

    Have a SPActacular day!
    Feeling SPActacular today!
    SPArk up your day!
    Feel the SPArkle in your Body!

    good luck

  • Posted on Member
    Destiny Day Spa & Salon
    Relax. You're in good hands.
  • Posted on Member
    I need a tagline for my home spa .. we offer massage, manicure,pedicure body scrub, hair spa.. the name of my home spa is " Hestia Home Spa" (" Hestia" a goddess of serene and peace) . Our clients will call us for appointment and we go to their home to provide the services.

    I hope you can help me with this.


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