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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name And Tagline For Gift Baskets

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Hi all,

I have a hobby of making gift baskets. Lately my friends whom have acquired my services has been asking me to do it commercially.

My target markets would be corporate companies and my gift baskets will mainly be for the festive season and range from $30 to $300.

I was thinking of something like 'Thoughtful Gifts' or 'Little Treats'. Something that not only says about the gift basket, but also that it was made using quality products.

I would appreciatte if members could provide a name/tagline for my future gift basket business.

Thank you

  • Posted on Accepted
    Since you are targeting the corporate world with your gift baskets, I would stay away from the flowery, cutsey names and stay in line with the corporate world and jargon:

    Biz Baskets
    Business Centric Gifts for Corporate Giving

    Unique Gift Baskets for the Corporate World

    The Latest Trend in Corporate Gift-Giving

    Relevant Content
    Trendy Gift Baskets for Business

    Braggable Baskets
    Gift Baskets for the Leaders on Your List

    Gift-Giving for the Corporate World

  • Posted on Member
    Gift Baskets Perfect For Corporate Giving


    same tagline
  • Posted by charles.stannard on Member
    Tasteful Appreciation

    Tasteful Gratitude

    Tasteful Thanks

    "Basket" feels clumsy.

    "Tasteful" - play on tact and tasty

    I also like MarketingRiot's "Relevant Content"
  • Posted on Member

    Touching Expressions


    Make Thoughts Count
  • Posted on Author
    Happy New Year All!

    Thank you for the great suggestions. It's really good that I am reminded to stay away from cutesy names as I am catering to the corporate market. The names given sound very business like and someone serious about the business.

    I hope more will share their ideas :) and those who have, I really appreciate it.
  • Posted on Member
    gift baskets galore
    quality for special occassions
  • Posted on Author
    Hi All,

    I was wondering, if I put a name to the main name. Example : Lisa's Tasteful Thoughts. Would sound/look okay for the corporate segment I'm targeting? Or should I just do without the name.

  • Posted on Member
    Elite Treats by Lisa- When Quality Counts!
  • Posted on Member
    If you don't want to use your name, try this:

    Kudos Corporate Gifts

    Kudos Corporate Awards

    Kudos Corporate Rewards

    Using anyone of these, I can see businesses realizing right away what service you provide-no tag line required!

    Good luck!
  • Posted by Jo Masterson on Member
    If you want the option to sell your business someday, I would not use your name. I do like regional names, one of my names favorite in the Seattle ares was Puget Sound Greetings. If you do corporate work, you may find as I did that the regional slant is a good selling angle.

    For more about the gift basket industry/ suppliers ...check out:

    Good Luck and have fun,
  • Posted on Author
    Dear All,

    Thanks all for the help! I hope the right name and tag line will ensure good business!

  • Posted on Member
    When choosing names -
    Let people know basically what it is that you do through your name (include the words ‘gift basket’). But don’t let it limit your future growth by having a name that is too specific (concerning product types, market, region or owners name) and not flexible – you may need to change direction in the future so an abstract name can be better.
    Originality – distinguish your business from others. Check with your city that your selection doesn’t infringe on the trademarks of other businesses. Check for suitable domain names too.
    Memorable, practical (fits well on a business card) and easy to pronounce.
    Techstore are specialists in a range of Corporate Gifts Services.

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