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Citizen Marketers: One Percenters

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Ben and Jackie do a bang-up job in the book of highlighting the strength of One Percenters. I have grabbed onto this little gem because it reaffirms thoughts I've had for years; it's kinda like the 80/20 principle... only better.

The One Percenters are those fantastic Fanatics who grab your brand and love it up like crazy, spreading your word for you. (I just love'em sumthin fierce.) These folks can help move your brand several steps up the product/ service world ladder... and quickly.

Now, what are you doing to reach these people and enable them to interact with your brand? How are you giving them the motivation to do good for you (actually with you)?

Ok, take me for instance. I'm the Masiguy ( and I do a segment on my blog that I call the Daily Drive. In these segments, I take a picture of my socks and post it to my blog. These aren't just any socks though, they are SockGuy socks ( and they are my favorite socks ever. Yes... ever. I have tons of them too. So I started showing off my socks every day. Because of this, the folks at SockGuy have been giving me more socks to wear and help spread their sock love around. I love their socks and they are great people. They keep me in the loop about new sock designs that are coming out so I can evangelize for them. It has worked great too, for both of us; I get more free socks and they get a lot of extra free publicity. How cool is that?

Now, I recognize this is a fairly silly example of an One Percenter, but it still points out the relationship that can exist between a company and one of it's biggest fans.

What are you doing to find and embrace these folks? Do you even know if you have any? You should...

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    I also consider myself to be a 1%er, but I fell into a different relationship with my company.

    I have been involved in the FIRST Robotics Competition since 1999. FIRST is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring students to go into science and technology careers. Students have six weeks to design and build 130-lb robots and compete them against each other to play a game that changes each year. I have been posting in their community's most popular forums,, since 2000 (while I was still in high school). I post, moderate, and consider myself to be a 1%er within the FIRST community.

    Almost a year ago, I met the CEO of a sponsor company while volunteering at an event and I was hired quickly after. I find myself in an interesting position every time I post now: am I posting as Jessica Boucher or am I posting as an employee of the company? When I post, do I add to the credibility of the company or do I seem phony to my peers now that I have been hired?

    Many sponsors of FIRST are hiring from within the community, just as I was hired. I am very interested to see how this progresses as our students mature into employees.

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