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Stick: Was It Sticky For You?

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Psst (!) Bookworms: Please take 5 minutes and give us your 'take' on our currently featured book, "Made To Stick."

Are you going to be applying the author's tips in your own messaging strategies...have you already? Did the book deliver clear information on why some ideas soar while others sink? More to the point, do you feel you better understand how to construct a series of communications that give your ideas a much greater chance of stick-ing?

You needn't answer the above per se, just provide two sentences--or two paragraphs--and let us know what you found through your reading and any applications of the advice.

I want to ensure you're benefiting through the various selections and topics we're featuring and I'm open to any & all feedback (and I'm sure the authors are anxious to 'hear' your feedback, too).

Moderator Note: This discussion refers to the book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath (topic: communications). Click the title to learn more. Then join the conversation. We'd LOVE for you to participate!

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  • Posted by matteo la rosa on Accepted
    I found the book a really important instrument for my work. After reading it, I will surely (try to) apply some of their main indications like these:

    Management: I will try to have sticky stories to give new workers the way they have to behave in my studio;

    Commercial: I already do, but I will try to use more analogies when explaining my work to customers;

    Website Development: we already are trying to avoid the Curse of Knowledge, but it's really fundamental for the user experience of the website we are building;

    Presentations: to keep attention, in my presentation there will be a bit of mystery from now on...

    Web application: we will start soon a new web 2.0 application of our own, and, to create, keep alive, marketing and advertise it, we will try to follow all the rules of SUCCESs.

    I really have to thank both Dan&Chip for their work, together with John Maeda's "Simplicity" and Don Tapscott's "Wikinomics" this is surely a 2007 book that will have influence in my work.
  • Posted by Mark Goren on Accepted
    I think one of the best compliments you can give a book is when it just flows, because everything just makes sense. Made To Stick is one of those books, it flows amazingly. It's clear, simply stated and uses excellent examples to drive the points home.

    The thing that struck me the most? I'd be reading the book and, all of a sudden, 20 pages have passed and I had no idea, it was like I was on cruise control – only I remembered everything so vividly.

    The best place for this book? Right by your side, reading it as you go along. A piece here, a piece there. Remind yourself of the powerful, effective ways to get ideas remembered.
  • Posted on Accepted
    This book has some great ideas that make sense not only for marketers and communicators, but for anyone who wants to get an idea across -- be it to people in your community, or friends and family. Too often we doom good ideas to failure because we haven't communicated them effectively. This book will help you avoid making that mistake again.
  • Posted by Steve Woodruff on Accepted
    I am using the contents of this book continually. When I write, I find myself now asking on a regular basis, "is that sticky?" And if it's not, then I try to go back and make it so. Very few books have made it this far into the regular patterns of my daily life!
  • Posted on Accepted
    Great book! I have already begun to implement some of the suggestions. In my most recent message development work around the evils of excessive fast food packaging I used the checklist as I interviewed the idea people and came up with some incredible images and stories that I really believe will stick. Thanks Chip and Dan, you have helped Southern forests immeasurably with your book. Hope to cross paths one day with you Dan in the flat part of NC.
  • Posted on Accepted
    I really liked the book. Its principles are great to remember.
    An excellent companion to my current read: Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale
  • Posted on Accepted
    The book truly exemplifies the concept of making a large amount of data sticky. I can clearly and vividly (almost two full months after reading the book) remember most of the examples, many of the clinics (you're 300 times more likely to be killed by a Deer!, Algebra is like weight training, and more), and most importantly all the concepts.

    The book for me is not just the means through which to create sticky ideas for me. While it can, and should be used for that, this is not the only way it has impacted me. This book, through it's stories and especially the concepts, has honed and helped sharpen areas of my framework through which I view the world. I no longer look at messages and advertisements the same way as before.

    For example, I was watching television a couple of weeks ago, and there was a great Citigroup commercial that came on. It had two guys sitting inside a diner, next to the window, talking with each other on how one of them had grossed millions for the company he is working for, and how he should be getting a nice commission because of it. In the background behind them we see the parking lot and a very nice looking classic Mercedes convertible parked next to the window they are sitting in front of.

    All of a sudden a 9 or 10 year old kid jumps on the back of the car and begins bouncing on it. The waitress who is serving the two gentlemen walks out the door and yells at the kids, "Hey, get off of my car!"

    Schema breaking ^_^ A good solid commercial, not quite as jarring as the car accident commercial, but still unexpected and interesting. Immediately after seeing this commercial, I could analyze all the main factors through the framework I have honed with the book Made to Stick. This is how it has meaningfully impacted not just my ideas, but my everyday life. The book has truly stuck!
  • Posted on Accepted
    I'm a believer. This might be the most important business and personal development book since Built to Last. I'm working on a few projects where I'm hoping to directly apply what I (think I) learned from the book. We'll see how it goes!
  • Posted on Accepted
    One of the main reasons that I thought it would be beneficial for me (not a marketer) to participate in a book club made up of marketers was to see how I could apply successful marketing concepts in Client Fulfillment.

    Made To Stick by the brothers Heath is an excellent example of this idea in full force. This book will be a fantastic learning tool for just about anyone wanting to spread an idea that you believe in (whether internal or external from your organization).

    While supporting our software applications with our clients, we will be looking for opportunities to apply the sticky components.

    Great choice for my first book club book.
  • Posted on Accepted
    Defintely sticky. My team has been trying to get the duct tape off of our organization's shoe for some time now...but it's an uphill battle. What do you do when your boss is made of Teflon and the ideas just don't stick to him/her?
  • Posted on Accepted
    Personally, I found the approach by Brothers Heath to be very unique and thorough. For years I have wrestled with many USP type programs trying to make my service a little simpler to grasp. I have not yet fully applied the principles from Made to Stick, but they are already clarifying my mind on how to create a clearer description that, well, sticks. I definitely appreciate this choice and look forward to your next one!

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