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In Search Of International Stickiness

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Three of our favorite ideas in the book are: "It's the economy stupid" (the power of a simple, unifying message), Jared (the power of a single story to symbolize an idea), and Nordstrom (communicating one's values through stories). Unfortunately these are all pretty darn American (Nordstrom less so than the other two, but still.)

Have you found similar ideas to these internationally? E.g., who's the Jared of Japan or the Nordstrom of India?

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    For Italy I can offer one timeless brand: rock singer Vasco Rossi.

    Vasco greatest claim to fame and what still sells out at his concerts was the fact that his lyrics communicate the private inner feelings of every day life. His language is controversial, thought-provoking and ironic.

    In a way, he was the rock blogger way before blogs were even imagined -- authentic, truthful and instantly emotional. People went and still go to his concerts (sold out every single time) to recognize they belong together; they celebrate life, dreams, love, and join a real friend.

    I just saw the news that his latest concert sold out [if you rad Italian you can follow the sotry here ]. He has been the singer of several generations... he's now 55! That is quite a story, and a brand.
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    In Malaysia, the story would be AirAsia ( which changed how the airline industry worked. Everyone loves the story of David and Goliath and AirAsia came into the story with nothing but gumption and a whole lot of fresh attitude.
    Its tagline? Now Everyone Can Fly.

    AirAsia made air travel democratic in a way - air travel within Malaysia and within Asian countries is now affordable for middleclass families.

    The funny thing was, the guy who took over AirAsia was from the music industry. No aeronautical degree, nothing. Just shows that business sense prevails no matter what business you are in -its CEO, Tony Fernandez used to be in the music industry before he jumped into the airline business. Yes, kinda similar to Branson of Virgin Airlines.

    AirAsia revolutionised online air ticketing and used technology well (they were a small company at startup).

    Despite some hiccups now and then, AirAsia is looked upon kindly as a brand which many Malaysians love because it trumped the national airline which was seen as uppity upperclass. All this in 4 years!


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    Doea anyone who is interesting in tin box?
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    Qantas - the Spirit of Australia. A very sticky brand.

    "We'll put another shrimp on the barbie" - Australian tourism campaign form the 80's.

    People still say that to me when they learn where I live.

    And I've hardly ever cooked a shrimp on my barbecue...

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    Hi Dan,

    When its comes to “Change is every thing” I always believe having change in business by one person to few people is understandable but when it comes to big economy, I always love to focus to the people who have dig up the basis and laid down the foundation for the future super power, e.g., INDIA AND CHINA.

    I am talking about the whole economy become the prudent experience for other industry to develop there success strategy.

    From India’s Point of view, Business process outsourcing (BPO) –sector has become the biggest opportunity for Indian economy and created the huge potential to transform Indian IT industry into new age of development.

    This has become the promising start to Indian industry and there professional attitude in world market.

    I hope this will help!!


    M Bhor

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    I am from India...........we have three Ancient Texts ....Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata and all three are used to draw and learn management lessons......

    Mahabharata - Its an Epic War faught between brothers and have relevant lessons for managers and marketers

    Ramayana - Its a story based on one of India's most revered gods Lord Rama

    Gita - Its an epic based on Lord Krishna sermons on the Battlefield of Mahabharata

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