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Tagline Needed For Global Property Business

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I'm trying to think up a tagline for a new company that provides a number of property-related services...

The company is a world-wide property community and it's about connecting property investors, providing education/research about property and regions/countries, and offering investment opportunities...

So far, we've come up with "connecting people and property" as a possible tagline ourselves, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has some brilliant ideas please? (I know you do, I've read some of the other posts!!!)

Thanks in anticipation!

Scott :D
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    Scott, why do you want a tagline? How are you going to use it, and what do you think it will do for your business?

    I'm not against taglines, but it really helps to know what you're trying to accomplish and how you'll know when you get there.

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    G'day Michael,

    We're looking to help describe what the company does and help get people interested in the community.

    Offering global resources, we want people not to feel overwhelmed, rather connected with their peers and colleagues and enjoy being part of the community.

    I believe that a tagline can help with these things, but if you can suggest additional ways within our branding, that would be great!

    Scott :D
  • Posted by Jay Hamilton-Roth on Accepted
    Own The Right Piece Of The World
    People-Powered Real Estate
    Join Us. Invest Globally Smarter.
  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    What's the payoff for you, Scott? How will you measure success? Who are the stockholders and what do they expect? Where do revenues come from? Who are the "customers" -- the people who send money?

    I guess I'm not sure where the economic value comes into play for a "community." That means it's also not clear who the target audience is, or what it is you want them to do.

    Without those, it's almost impossible to deal with the tagline. I'm assuming you want the tagline to express the benefit to your target audience. That means we have to understand the target audience and it's needs. Let's start there.
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    G'day Jay,

    Thanks, those are helpful... Still not quite there though... I'll flesh out some more details from Michael's comment...

    Scott :D
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    For some reason, my post from the other day wasn't saved...


    Michael, the community will have paid elements for higher membership levels to be able to access more detailed information. Revenue will also come from listings (and MAYBE discrete advertising down the track)

    Target audience is anyone who deals with property and wants to network and connect with other people of the same interest.

    The tagline should help to express the benefits of membership - we've thought of lines such as "Connect, Be Inspired, Do" but that seems a little clumsy to me!

    Hope this helps, and thanks in anticipation.

    Scott :-)
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    Hi Pierre,

    Nice one! Thanks.

    They are up there, but I'll leave this open and see if anyone else can suggest others also.

    Scott :D
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    I know how these communities work...and don't work. We're working with a company called right now. They went with "The Worlds leading marketplace for patents and new technology"

    It might help if we know the name of your tool or site. The tagline needs to focus on the www

    A World-wide property marketplace. A single address.

    World-wide properties. One Web site.

    A World of properties. A Single address.

    World-wide properties. One address.

    Properties around the World. A single url.

    (these could be mixed and matched)

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Mick,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The URL is

    Hope this helps.

    Scott :D
  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    The tagline candidates are testable with market research. Might be worth the time, effort and investment.
  • Posted by matthewmnex on Member
    Here's my Tag line:

    We make the immovable - move

    Some good advise on the posts above here.

    I have been reading recently too many questions that are quite honestly far too vague and open ended. This particular question suffers from the same problem.

    I have the same questions as several of the people above but I would also like to ask is this a B2B web site fro brokers and property agents? Of a B2C site for buyers?

    Does it focus on residential properties? industrial properties and or commercial properties? Could I invest in a $250M shopping mall for instance? or just buy one?

    As I have oft mentioned in these posts, it is all about market segmentation. It would be great if we can be all things to all people but you probably need different approaches for different types of users.

    Are you going to be a 'Google' type propeety search engine? ie: the web's #1 place to find propeerty of any kind in any place?

    When you say community? is it a place for people to actually trade or just to talk about property issues?

    Property designates those things commonly recognized as the entities in respect of which a person or group has exclusive rights. Important types of property include real property (land), personal property (other physical possessions), and intellectual property (rights over artistic creations, inventions, etc.). A right of ownership is associated with property that establishes the good as being "one's own thing" in relation to other individuals or groups, assuring the owner the right to dispense with the property in a manner he or she sees fit, whether to use or not use, exclude others from using, or to transfer ownership. Some philosophers assert that property rights arise from social convention. Others find origins for them in morality or natural law.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your questions of clarification... Let me flesh it out a bit more...

    Property as in Real Estate of all sorts (vacant land and residential to shopping malls, NY high-rise and beyond!)

    Community as in MySpace, Blogger, Facebook

    Investment Opportunities as in Buy/Rent/Lease/Sell

    and Global as in everywhere between Venus and Mars...

    And yes, I realise the website has a authentication on it presently, but we're still working on it!

    Scott :D
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    Thanks guys.

    I appreciate all your assistance.

    Scott :D

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