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Need Tagline/slogan For Fast Fix

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I have developed an ointment for animals (horses, dogs, cattle) that cures all types of fungus and heals open wounds. It is called Fast Fix because it heals the problem very quickly. Any suggestions? I REALLY appreciate any feedback and help. Thanks a ton!
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    Thanks for responding so quickly. The ointment is different because it heals open wounds quicker than any other product out there and it kills all different types of fungus which are difficult to treat.

    The other name I was thinking about is RESCUE. The name of the company is Vet solutions.

    I wanted a name that would state what the product does. Fast Fix tells the consumer that it quickly fixes the problem.

    I'm very open to any suggestions you may have. Thanks so much for your help.
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    We have not set up our website yet.

    I know this is a diffult one and I thank you for your time and help.

    Maybe someone else out there has some ideas! :-)
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    Likewise I'm not familiar with Vet Solutions, but thinking about Neosporin's taglines (Like: Every cut, every time and It's a Dangerous World!), has made me think. Here are a few ideas that may inspire you:

    Fast Fix- Quick treatment to have them back on their feet
    Healing fungus and wounds fast
    A fast fix for a steadfast companion
    For a steadfast companion
    Your pet's next best friend -- this works better for dog owners, obviously.
    Healed like it never happened
    You work hard, Fast Fix works hard for you
    The power to sterilize, revitalize, and heal--Fast Fix
    Your pet is your best friend, protect him!

    Are these on the right track?
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    Great! That's getting on the right track. thanks so much!
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    No we're Vet Solutions LLC...newly established. No bother at all!
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    Hi. Fast Fix sounds more of a technical... can we call it "quickrelief"?

    Quickrelief - your pets' wonder drug.
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    Thank you...I like it. Let me know if you come up with anything else. I really appreciate everyone's help!
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    Instead of Fast Fix, how about Fast Heal or Animal Relief?

    Veterinarian Approved. Remove Fungus and Repair Wounds.
    The Veterinarian Cure-All.
    What Should Be In Every Animal's Medicine Cabinet.
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    Thanks so much for your ideas, they're great. I was also thinking maybe something with the words resolve, speed, clear or vanish???
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    I remember our Newfy used to heat spots that were so nasty - it would have been nice to have had a product like this - can you apply via spray? (something to look into if not. ) We found spray worked best on him - can't remember what it was though (Okay excuse - 10 years ago - maybe bactracin - it was a human remedy).

    I think the relief thread is the way to go maybe you combine to get Fast Relief and maybe it's Canine Fast Relief or Equine Fast Relief or Hamster etc. Or maybe it's Animal Fungal Fighter.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for your input. It's an ointment that you apply directly on the skin, open wound etc. You never have to clean it off, just reapply directly over the area...even if the animal has been rolling in the dirt, just reapply right over it.
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    Anyone have any tag line/slogan ideas for ProVet as a name? Thanks again for all of your help!!!!!

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