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I'd like to write my master's dissertation on the airline industry but i'm having problems narrowing it down to one solid topic and question to ask, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could give suggestions on topics related to the airline industry.
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  • Posted by Gary Bloomer on Accepted
    Dear Lulu,

    How about customer fulfillment? No, not customer service: customer fulfillment. Why? Because customer service is about fulfillment, not frustration.

    Every day airlines charge millions of people an arm and a leg so that those self same airlines might then abuse the living daylights out of a select handful of unfortunate wretches.

    This kind of torture on the part of the airlines of a few of its paying customers could offer literally hundreds of juicy tales of woe, blame, damage, and finger pointing.

    This could be more than just a thesis, WAY MORE. It could become a blog (hey, your blog could BE your thesis), it could become a book, a series of videos on YouTube, like this guy did:

    There are two posts on Scott McKain's excellent blog about air travel, one of which relates to the firs t video in the list above.
    Go and look

    So, that's my two cents' worth. I hope this helps.

    Gary Bloomer
    Wilmington, DE, USA
  • Posted by michael on Accepted
    "How open-skies damages/helps flag carriers"

    "Analysis of CEO backgrounds and its effect on carrier financial performance"

    "Damage control: Cabin attendants as ambassadors or saboteurs"

  • Posted on Accepted

    You need to narrow down the question. There can be zillion topics with airlines, but you may like to pursue some niche as per your experience, interest or information available. Can you please share that?

    For hint, you can take a look at use/abuse/enticement of rewards point while choosing airlines, that would be towards loyalty. You can have a topic on financial side, by finding the common effects the entry of low cost airlines had in various countries, do they lead to cartel formation, impact of government policies in airline industry. In marketing side, you can take a look at rebranding efforts and how they changed the airline or the competetion there.

    Like wise there can be areas in supply chain, logistics, HR, technology etc. If you can narrow down further, we would be able to help you better.
  • Posted by lathans on Accepted
    May I suggest combining your topics: Marketing+airline industry=Southwest.
    Using them as inspiration, How did Southwest change an entire industry with marketing, branding, advertising, and PR? What about Southwest causes other companies in other industries to rethink their internal processes and market positioning to want to be "the Southwest of their industry?" You can discuss any points of airline travel, including customer service, logistics, finances, as well as marketing and PR in terms of what worked before, what works now, and from where the industry takes its lead.
  • Posted on Member
    I am a Marketing Master degree student and preparing to do my proposal of the Dissertation. So far I am choosing to do my Dissertation on Saudi Arabian Airlines Marketing, Services, Frist class Passengers VS Economy class Passengers or Cabin crew management. I am so confused to pick up a topic and narrow it down. I need your support.

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